Double barlines span to next staff when instrument inserted

• Apr 12, 2019 - 17:44
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Create a score with connected barlines (I used the classical orchestra template)
Add a double barline somewhere
Insert an instrument between instruments with connected barline (like between the oboe and clarinet)
Result Barlines below the added instrument are not connected to the instrument below it, except the double barline.
Expected Either all of the barlines are connected or none of the barlines are connected (like in 2.x).


Priority P1 - High

Confirmed, thanks for the report!

Personally, I think it makes more sense to connect all, would you agree?

Note to self:… is the commit where I handle adding an instrument, this presumably explains why double barlines do get extended. To extend the rest, I think I should check the staff default for the staff above and set the staff default on this staff accordingly.

If the barlines are connected before and after the new instrument it makes more sense to connect the barlines, otherwise I would leave it to the user to manually connect the lines.

If I import a MusicXML file (whether exported from MuseScore or Sibelius) I see that both the double barlines within the music and the final barline in the piano stave do not span down from the G stave to the F stave. Repeat lines are not affected.

Another observation on the spanning of barlines is that when I open MuseScore and the default My_First_Score.mscx piece presents itself, if I add a piano to the music the barlines do not span the piano stave. This does not happen in 2.3.2.
Using 3.1 in Debian as AppImage and also demonstrated this to myself in Windows 7 32bit in a virtual machine

Sounds like you are describing some new problem involving MusicXML as opposed to adding an instrument to an existing MuseScore file? Assuming so, please open a new issue and attach the MusicXML file in question.

The issue with adding a piano is also a different issue than either the original one here or the MusicXML one. That one I can reproduce. I would still encourage you to submit separately so we can track it.

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