Accessing Rim Shot in custom drumset?

• Apr 24, 2019 - 13:55

How do I access the rim shot sound in a custom eclectic drumset? The rim shot is key 52 in the default marching snare drumset. Adding the key 52 in a custom drumset gets me a rattly cymbal sound. From my understanding rim shot is not part of the GM schematic. Are only default GM sounds available in custom drumsets? Secondly, if I upload a score to Musescore, will my custom drumset with the rim shot still work? I suspect that any non-GM sound is not supported on Thanks.


Answer to 2nd question: upload the score audio along with the score (tick the corresponding box in the 'Save online" dialog. visible as soon as you use a non-default soiundfont and can export to MP3) and it will sound the same on

GM/GS rim-shot located on key #37

You cannot use another drumset's instrument while inside a drumset.
Example: If you are in Standard drumset, you cannot use the Analog drumset's snare.
To do this, you must set a new preset in soundfont.

However, you can add a separate instrument to your score and use rim-shot as a separately (by selecting another drumset).

Thanks for the help. Key #37 is not available. In the Drumset dialogue box, the list skips from #36 to #38. Is that a bug? Perhaps, I should report it.

Also, as a feature, how about listing the GM default names alongside the unused key numbers in the list in the Drumset dialogue the so that one doesn't have to guess or refer to an external GM spec list when customizing a drumset? The used keys could be highlighted in some way such as with bolded text to differentiate them from the rest . Also, it would be great to actually to be able to click on a row in the list and hear the sample so that one can more easily create a drumset by sound. Currently, I sometimes use the Soundfont Editor Polyphone along side Musescore to hear the samples.

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