Box Select (Shift + Drag Select) selects entire chord when only a note of a chord is selected.

• Jun 16, 2019 - 15:30
Reported version
S4 - Minor
by design

1) Create or open a sheet that has some chords in it
2) Use the box select to select not all the notes in the chord
3) Observe that the entire chord was selected, and that you got more than what you wanted.

Workaround: Individually shift + click individual notes. :(


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That's how it should work. If you want individual notes either ctrl+click to add individual notes or open the inspecter (F8) and click the notes button to only select notes in the selection (works really good when you want more than 2 or 3 notes).

Edit: it doesn't work for only selecting the bottom notes of all the chords. See for some ideas on that.

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Yeah, in particular it's super confusing because in the box selection, only the bottom notes of the chord are highlighted before I let go of the mouse button. Then, once I let go of the mouse button, it selects the entire chords for all notes selected.

So is that specific of the feature not as designed then?

I know there are workarounds. Just thought it was particularly confusing due to the box selection showing that only those notes were highlighted but then it selects more.

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What you describe is by design. Any block type selection will select all chords within the selection area. This is to give leeway if the score is a bit cramped, which was more common in version 2.x. The leeway means you don't have to select the entire chord, stem and flag/beam to select the note, so if you select part of the chord, you get all of it.

A trick to edit the bottom (or top) notes only is to add staves as needed, explode, edit the notes, implode and remove extra staves. You have to decide if this is worth it or if its easier to just click the ctrl+click to select the notes you need.

More tricks, if they're all the same pitch (which is the most likely case) group select the chords, right click a note and choose select>more... check the boxes for the note you want (G4 for example), in selection and in the same voice if applicable and click OK, you can then move them all up to G#, (maybe because you forgot it wasn't part of the key signature any more... not that I would ever do such a thing...) If they are different pitches, you probably don't want all of the bottom notes selected to do the same thing to them. Once again, you have to decide if this is faster than click then ctrl+click a few times.