Load Error: Cannot Read File

• Jun 17, 2019 - 08:19

Attempted to load up an arrangement of this song and I was given a load error message. Normally this isn't a big deal as this has happened before and there is always a back up file from at least my last session, but when I went to check, the last backup file was from when I first made the file, I.E. there was nothing written yet. I troubleshooted and made a copy of the file which I renamed to an uncompressed file to force it to open up, and nothing loaded when I ignored the Error message. Is my file officially gone, is all of my hard work gone? Or do I still have a chance. Any sort of help to the problem would be much appreciated. I've attached both version down below.

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Smooth_Criminal.mscz 58.41 KB
Smooth_Criminal - Copy.mscx 58.41 KB


That file is beyond repair. The data within is all zeroes.

Also, no matter how many times you tell your bike that it's a rocket, it won't suddenly enable you to fly to the moon.
You can't convert files by renaming them..

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I understand that you can't change a file format, but you can change how the file is opened by renaming it, which is what I meant, sorry I didn't make that clear.

Maybe instead of making jokes about my file formatting issue, you could attempt to fix the issue of this consistently happening with so many people. This isn't the first time I, or many others, have gotten a load error after the file just completely messes up. Maybe add it in that even if the file crashes and burns, it still saves the most recently save version and makes a copy of it, or it stores it in the program, sort of like microsoft word does.

I appreciate all that you guys do for this program, and you all have put in so much work, but this is one issue that can't be put on the back burner any more. I lost 8+ hours worth of work into this arrangement, so please, attempt to fix this issue so it doesn't have to happen again to me or anyone else.

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