Muted voice causes MIDI events in unmuted voice to be discarded

• Jun 20, 2019 - 13:48
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S2 - Critical

Press play on measure 66, and if you listen, around measure 68, an Eb will start to play when there is none written, and it drones throughout the rest of the following chords. This issue happens in other places throughout the piece

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There is certainly a bug here that needs to be fixed, but unmuting voice 2 in the Tenor 2 part makes the problem go away. That is, unless you want voice 2 in the Tenor part to be muted. To unmute this voice, go to View->Mixer and click on the mixer control for the Tenor 2 part. Then, under "Mute Voice", click the box with the "2" in it. If the details are hidden, you will first need to click the long thin button right above the mixers in order to show the extra controls.

I suspect that the bug has something to do with the way the E flat in the Tenor 2 part in measure 66 is shared between the two voices. There was an issue dealing with this matter, #12971: Same note in different voices and lengths plays only the length of the shortest note, which was supposedly resolved with d741d50. Not the same issue, to be sure, but highly relevant, I think.

Title Notes that aren't there. During playback, the duration of tied unison notes is extended to the end of the next following note of the same pitch, if one voice is muted

I'm the author of #291235 (sorry I'm relatively new and I thought I had seen a way to expand that but I can't seem to find it now) and it seems that all similar issues are being consolidated here. I've read this thread and have encountered a strikingly similar issue to that of #12971 in that "identically pitched notes in different voices not necessarily of the same duration with one voice muted causes the duration of the note in the unmuted voice to be extended to the next note of the same pitch in that voice".

I've included two really simple (2 measure, 3 note, no ties involved) examplesthat just need to be played. The second just reverses the note voices and the muted voice from the first.

Since this seems to be a continuing issue I opted to make the post to this thread rather than open a new issue. As a said I am relatively new at this so it was unclear to me what was the correct course of action.

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