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• Jul 19, 2019 - 15:21

As long as I'm here, I have another question. I am meeting in a theory group on Facebook. We are beginning to get into some practical projects and are swapping files and wotnot. Anyway. we are having to use third party services like Dropbox to trade these working files, because we can't upload files to FB. I have noticed that, on this forum, I am able to upload files. I am wondering if you have space here at the bottom of your regular forums, to host our group?

1) File sharing would be easier to do here.
2) We could get fast help with musescore right here where it's all happening .
3) Many of the users here are also interested in theory and might join us.

So it would seem to be an all round beneficial arrangement. I've mentioned this to our group and thought I would check with you before we start barging in and taking over the place.


This forum (General questions) is a good place to ask music theory questions. There are several people here with degrees in music and active professional musicians. Amateurs such as myself would welcome such conversations.

As far as hosting the files for your forum, that would need to be approved by Ultimate Guitar who owns MuseScore and I suspect in their current situation they would not permit this. See if you haven't already. I'll ask the guy in charge to give you a final answer.

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There is a difference between fair use when you run into a problem creating your own score and providing a score hosting service. MuseScore can claim fair use if you upload a copyright score you are working on and ask for help with it or are trying to determine if there is a bug. If they host the project on this site then they become responsible to assure you are not posting scores in violation of copyright laws.

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The files uploaded to are generally small example files for the purposes of improving the software. You may come across a few cases where an individual has uploaded an entire score, but this is not something that MuseScore would encourage as it would eat into the business model of

In the case of theory scores, these might be welcome here if they are not actual compositions but are instead just short snippets of tricky notation. However, this would be for the purpose of improving the software to better handle that notation rather than for general discussions about music theory.

Anyway, if you are looking to work collaboratively on scores then you may find a site like GitHub (or GitLab) is more suitable, and you can always published the finished ones on

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Yes, it would help if that was made a bit clearer. There's no harm in starting a "Music Theory" forum for discussing particular aspects of music theory, and sharing short score snippets that demonstrate them. In fact, it's actually a very good idea, as it would enable developers to see how users write this notation in MuseScore. Also, the richtext facilities available on could mean it quickly becomes the definitive place for online discussions of music theory.

However, the OP mentioned working on "practical projects", which sounds suspiciously like sharing full scores. That's really what is for, and encouraging it on would just mean having to solve the same set of problems twice. Just think how many copyrighted scores there are on (erroneously) labelled "This is a transcription for educational purposes. No copyright infringement intended!". Licensing and collaboration needs to be solved on first before it can happen here.

Nevertheless, I am fully supportive of having a dedicated forum for discussing short theory snippets on Scores could be limited to 40 ticks in length (equal to 40 bars of 4/4) or 1000 notes, or something like that. That should be more than enough for genuine theory discussions, and if people need more they can simply embed a .com score.

Hello! I interested in supporting this endeavor as I can. Right now that mostly means, trying to understand what this could involve from your perspective, so I definitely encourage you or others in the group to provide more feedback. In addition to echoing the questions from @shoogle and @BSG, my first direction question to you is: which FB group?

BTW, a disclaimer: I have the position of "Director of Education" for MuseScore, which doesn't give me any special authority but does mean I have something of responsibility for / interest in topics like this.

You may be aware that is currently undergoing a bit of a transition in terms of what it can offer, because of copyright concerns. If we're exclusively talking about older public domain material, or completely original work, or only very brief excerpts (eg, four measures) that can be considered "fair use", then in principle there can be more flexibility. The idea has been suggested that maybe some user moderation would need to be in place for works that the uploader wants to identify as original or public domain or "fair use".

In many ways, seems a more logical place for this than, except for the 5 score upload limit for free accounts. Again, I have no special authority and can't speak for the MuseScore company in any way, but I personally would love to see a new "educational" membership on, and maybe one of the things it could mean are higher uploads limits specifically for scores added to this group. Not that a forum here is out of the question, but to me is a more natural fit for what you describe. The online player alone seems the slam dunk to me. Or are there some special reasons other than the upload limit why you'd prefer a forum?

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