Playback of long notes at the same time of short notes.

• Jul 23, 2019 - 19:23

Hi, Gang!!!

I use MuseScore 3.2.3 in my outstanding Linux Operating System, Ubuntu Studio 18.04.2 LTS (64 bits).

It is an old issue I suspected was fixed with the last 3.2.3 version, but... It is not!!!

When we have, let's say, 4 human voices, soprano, alto, tenor and bass, and... in some bar we have some long notes (a whole note, for example) in one voice (let's say, the bass), and in the other voices we have any other short notes as final notes (let's say, a quarter note)... Then... The long note is played with a shorter time as we expected (in this case, it will be played with the lenght of 3 quarter notes plus an 8th note, not all the original whole note time lenght).

In other words, the MuseScore synthesizer is "cutting" the real full lenght of those long notes, when there are other short notes in the final part of the same bar.

I know it is not a very relevant issue to the graphical part, but... IT IS AN ISSUE!!!

Is there some plan to fix it... Soon? ???

Blessings and Greetings from Chile!!!



I think the OP is just saying that the gateTime is not 100%. That is "by design", though I have often wondered whether it would be better to "steal" a fixed length off the end of long notes rather than a percentage.

In other words, if the gateTime is 95%, this means that the final 5% of each note is silence. Maybe the silent region should be capped at the duration of an eighth note? i.e. notes are played for their full duration minus 5% or one eighth note, whichever is smaller.

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Yes indeed.
Inspecting each staff in the piano roll reveals the difference between the long and short notes. Each short note almost touches the vertical grid line that follows. Not the case for the long notes.
Could be instrument specific, too. Try with organ sound.
EDIT: I mean change the instrument to organ. Merely changing the sound in the mixer does not reflect in the piano roll.

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It still seems there is misunderstanding about what the issue actually is. Can you be more precise about what particular aspect of the design you find questionable? A specific note in a specific measure that you feel is not played back as expected, and how you would expect instead, and why?

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Hi Juan,
In your original post, you say that the long note is played "truncated" ONLY if there are short notes in the other voices.
Could you test and confirm that?
Because then it is not fully explained by the rule of Shoogle.
I suspect that Shoogle is right though, and that you HEAR the problem more accurately when short notes are present in other voices, but the behaviour is always the same.

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An interesting suggestion, but I think it would make the code unnecessarily complicated, as each note would have to be checked against all the other notes when currently they are independent.

It would also mean that exporting two instruments separately, and then mixing the resulting WAV files, would not be the same as exporting the instruments together.

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Houston, we have a problem, here!!!

Curiously, I have tested this issue with 4 new scores made with Musescore 3.2.3 and I cannot to hear the problem!

But, I can hear the problem when I use scores made with old versions.

Maybe this issue was fixed in the last version, but...

I cannot to confirm this at 100% because, this issue could be present in some kind of different lenght notes combination... I don't know!

Sorry, but... I'm lost, here!!!

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