(PortMIDI hang on Mac) - Empty Project always hangs on first note entry

• Jul 30, 2019 - 13:52
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Open the attached empty project, click on any measure and type a note letter name. After about 0,5 seconds, the beach ball starts spinning, MS must be force-quit and restarted (Mac OS 10.13).

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Title Empty Project always hangs on first note entry Empty score always hangs on first note entry
Status active needs info

Works just fine for me, Windows 7, MuseScore 3.2.3 (same version as you)

Title Empty score always hangs on first note entry Empty Project always hangs on first note entry
Status needs info active

Works just fine and as expected here (Win10, 3.2.3)
To be sure, please try first: menu "Help" -> Revert to Factory Settings (before, save custom palettes/shortcuts, if you have)
Once this is done, tell us what the behaviour is.

Elsewhere you mention portmidi, making my think the issue may have to do with your I/O or synthesizer settings, or there may be an incompatibility with some device driver on your system. S these are all things you can try investigating to help provide more information.

My MIDI config didn't change, is not set to a feedback loop, and shouldn't cause one. But it seems that if the MIDI device I have selected as the input device in MS is not turned on, I get these hangs. I'll keep testing to try to verify this.

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It's repeatable, so PortMIDI does seem to be the cause:

  1. go to Preferences and select an existing, connected MIDI input device for input
  2. select an IAC Bus for output. (I haven't determined if this is necessary, this is what I do)
  3. quit MuseScore
  4. disconnect the MIDI device selected for input in step 1
  5. restart MuseScore

Now when I type in a note, MuseScore hangs. If I quit and connect the input device and restart, the problem disappears.