Bar lines

• Oct 8, 2019 - 20:07

I'm new. How do I put in bar lines?


Barlines should already be present in your score, you don't do anything to put them in. Although you can change them from normal to double etc, as explained in the Handbook (see above). Unless, hmm, if you for some reason enabled "insert mode" (meant specifically for music where you don't want barlines)? if so, the easiest way to correct this is just drag a new time signature in, which will fix the measure lengths for you - and in the future, don't use "insert mode" in places where you want barlines.

Or, maybe you mean something other than barlines?

If you attach your score we can understand and assist better.

For the most part, bar lines are automatic unless you want to change the bar line. In the default score, you start with 32 measures. If you append (or insert) measures to increase the count, then new single bar lines automatically appear between measures as needed. See and the couple of sections that follow it that discusses the different ways to add measures.

Thanks. I'm moving along and getting better and I plan to enroll in the course. 3 questions, please: How do I do repeat signs, 1st & 2nd endings, and text (not lyrics, but instructions)?

I don't know if anyone can open this. This is for a beginner pianist. The letters below the chords represent the bass note, not the chord name. See how the measures are spread out sometimes and bunched together sometimes? Is there a way I can make them all even?

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It does not appear you attach nything for us to look at. But from what you describe, I am guessing there are system (line) breaks on some systems but not others. Delete the ones you don't want, add new ones where you do. These are little icons above the last barline of a system, look similar just like the line break icons in word processors, etc.

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