• Oct 13, 2019 - 12:17

Can anyone help please.
Is 'Parts' under 'File' not working? Or am I doing something wrong, need to reset something?
I used to use it all the time to separate out the different instruments, but now it is just greyed out.



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Are you working in English? If not there may be a translation problem in this discussion. There are two menu items that can easily be confused "Parts" and "Export Parts". "Export Parts" is grayed out unless someone has used "Parts" to create parts for a score. "Parts" is used to create parts from a score. "Export Parts" is used to export the parts of a score that has the parts created to various formats. You must have parts created for this to be possible so it will be grayed out unless someone has created parts.

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Is this because of Tantacrul's video? I don't see any problem with "New all" really, I even think it's better. Because the current mechanism is whether or not there has already been some parts, this button always generate all the parts once more. "New all" means that literally and "Generate" sounds more like what it's doing when there's no existing parts.

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It's grammatically awkward in English, and really isn't particularly clear either. "Generate" is somewhat better on both counts, but I have no doubt we can do better still. There was quite a bit of discussion on this topic after the change was first made, but no real consensus.

Also, be sure you have a score already loaded, and aren't currently in Edit mode (press Esc a couple of times to be sure). But I suspect you, as suggested above, that are trying to use "Export Parts", which indeed won't work until you first actually generate the parts with"Parts".

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