Copy-move-paste between scores

• Oct 19, 2019 - 00:17
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This requires:
1. ability to view two scores simultaneously
2. ability to copy, move and paste score/track sections of any length between scores
To enable efficient creation of multiple versions of a work. As it stands now, this can be done only indirectly and with a great deal of grunt work which greatly increases the chance of errors in the process.


You can open as many scores at once and copy and paste between them the same items you can copy within a score. You can use the tabs to switch between the scores. If you want to see both at the same time, you can select View->Documents stacked or View Documents side by side.

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Indeed, this is already possible and in fact quite easy. If you continue to have trouble, please ask for help on the Support forum.

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Quite easy is far from true but the missing pieces were indeed not clearly mentionned: copy paste does not copy measure structure such as time signatures.
So copying extracts between scores (or in the same score in fact) for scores other than very regular is extremely time consuming, which a pity for software in 2019!
Not to mention that you can't paste in insert mode, you have to manually prepare the necessary measures in advance, and that no full cut exists : cut only removes the notes from the measures, to do a full cut you need to delete the measures yourselves after the cut.

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Nowhere in the issue did anyone saying anything about time signatures, about insert mode, or deleting anything. So none of that has anything to do with the issue at hand, which was about copying between scores. And that is indeed quite easy. Nothing about the mere fact that the scores are different in any way complicates the process of copying, so please leave this issue closed.

There is already an open issue with a suggestion for allowing the copying of time signatures, which is indeed a complication whether the scores are different or not. If you want to create new issue specifically about your proposal to allow "paste in insert mode", feel free to (if you mean what I think you do, there may already be an issue with such a suggestion, so do search first). Same regarding your proposal for a "full cut".

Precisely. It's about the copying between scores, which already works, in exactly the same way as copying within a score. It has nothing whatsoever to do with changing time signatures, paste in insert mode, or "full cut".

If the score happens to contain changes of time signatures - nowhere was it suggested this might be the case - then copy/paste is indeed an issue, but it's an issue whether copying between scores or within a score, and again, we already have an open issue suggesting a new feature for that. So if you believe that is what the OP was referring to, then it's a duplicate. But as it is, they only expressed difficulty viewing two scores at once - a simple misunderstanding - and copying sections between them, which is already possible to the exact same extent as copying within a score.

Actually, for the specific case mentioned - creating multiple versions - the time signature issue is potentially less significant than copying within a score. Simply create the second version with "save a copy" then add/remove the staves as needed.

In other words, there is nothing specific to the act of copying between scores that is an issue here - well, at least nothing that has been mentioned yet.