Create a bend or slide symbol for guitar

• Aug 15, 2014 - 12:35

Help me! How to create a bend or slide symbol for guitar. I can't see, and do not create it.


There is no easy way currently, although a new feature will exist in MuseScore 2.0 to allow this.

Meanwhile, your best bet is to use a slur from the Lines palette, double click it, and bend it into the desired shape manually.

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Yes, in Articulations and Ornaments (Nightlies), there is a bend: a full bend (a tone). No 1/2 bend (semitone), the most common in blues (the blue note...) , and rock also (with the full bend) ..., and numerous variants: prebend, prebend / release, etc.
For After 2.0!
To return to the full bend, in the Palette Articulations and Ornaments: either I'm really tired today and I see bugs everywhere (!), either it does not work.
Double-click, drag-drop, nothing happens.

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For the development/2.0 builds only (this feature is *not* in the current released version):

In the palette is a single full bend, but once you've added it to your score, you can change its properties (right click, Bend Properties). You will then see all the options for half & other amounts of bend, prebend, release, etc.

However, you can only add this symbol a note on a tab staff - maybe that's why you are having trouble?

My trouble is:
1) I'm really tired! By following the Nightlies day after day, month after month, their evolution and their progress, and sometimes their regression (!), it becomes exhausting! :)

2) For electric guitar, I'm used to this notation. So, yes, my trouble came also that I can only add a bend on a tab staff!
Since the staves are linked (and according to my habits with MuseScore), I was looking absolutely to place the bend on the standard staff, and not on the tab staff!

To add to my confusion, I see that all the other symbols of the Palette Ornements and Articulations, can be added to the standard staff (and therefore linked in real time on the tab staff). Except for the bend (apparently?), which only works with tab staff, and is not linked, him, to the standard staff. I do not know why.

I had not yet opened the "Bend properties" option. Will it be able to edit the word "full", and replace it with fractions, 1/4 or 1/2? I do not understand how make it? Thank you.

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You are correct that the current bend symbols you are using apply only to tablature. Alternate symbols are used for clef notation. In reality for standard, clef notation, only one symbol needs to be added, a stretchable ^ of sorts. See this .pdf file for full examples of guitar notation in both tab and treble clef:


It would be great to see the one additional Line-type object to be added for clef-notation bends.


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Some publishers (I think I recognize Hal Leonard) indeed offer such special notation for guitar. For MuseScore, this would mean creating from scratch of a new special and extensible Line.

I will not speak on his behalf, but I'm not sure that the development team is excited about the idea, at least in the short term! For the future, I do not know.

Otherwise, it is not correct to say that the bends symbols only apply to tablatures (I showed an example in a previous comment in this thread)

Besides, Guitar Pro offers this feature, as you can see.

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At first instance, I'd rather that we can also enter the bends in a standard staff, and applies to linked staves.The bend is already implemented in the Tab staff. So I guess add it to the standard staff would not be an insurmountable task?

For now, MuseScore doesn't know importing this bend (I used a GP5 file) in a standard staff, as you can see. A little damage, right?

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I'm not familiar with the architecture of MuseScore, so I have no idea which is more difficult. And I'm fine with those symbols for use in clef notation. The most important thing now is to have the functionality, so long as the symbol is recognizable, which these are.

I first learned guitar from Mel Bay, and harmony/composition from Bach chorales, so I never learned tablature. I've only recently had the need to notate electric guitar, and I was hoping there would be one unassailable standard for clef notation, but alas, there is not. Fortunately, there are only two with any traction, as far as I can tell. The internet searches I performed indicated some consensus around what that .pdf says, but I'm no expert and there is no clear standard. What I need is something I can use consistently, and your version of this request works for me now.

Thanks for all the info.

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