Transposing horn in C to horn in F

• Nov 16, 2019 - 20:14

I have a piece of music by Beethoven that is for horn in C that I want to transpose to horn in F. Transposing
down a 4th on the fly is to much for my old brain. Since there is no scan feature to Musescore, or one that I know of, I need to input the notes for Horn in C by hand and then transpose to horn in F. I cant figure out how to do it being as how I am both music theory challenged and software challenged. Can anyone point me in the right direction


When creating your score, pick the "choose instruments" template in the new score wizard and choose the "Horn in C". Input the score as you currently see it.

Once all notes are entered; right-click within the staff to be able to open up the Staff/Part properties. About halfway in the now opened window, there is a button called "Change Instrument". Use it and select the "Horn in F". Then "OK" out of that properties dialog.

MuseScore will now have changed the written transposition to match.
It could be that your notation is an octave off. In that case, select everything (Ctrl + A) and then move it an octave in the desired direction (likely up) using the shortcut Ctrl + ↑

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Well, MuseScore knows a horn in F sounds is a fifth below concert pitch. But apparently there is debate about whether horn in C should be notated at concert pitch or up an octave, so probably it was a dscirepancy there that required the extra transposition. I believe the default in MuseScore is changing now in response to discussions on this topic.

I would pick the Horn in F from the beginning. When it comes to entering the Horn part, press (click) the concert pitch button and enter the Horn in C part. When you click the concert pitch button to show transposed pitch, MuseScore will do everything for you. Note that this only works because it's a C horn rather than say an Eb or G horn. The advice from the others is necessary for all but the C horn.

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