Sporadic Crash when dragging a 'Brace' from palette to score using Bravura

• Dec 4, 2019 - 17:05
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S3 - Major

Repro steps:

1) Select a bar (see image)
2) Try to drag a Brace onto the bar

For me, this crashes the app at the moment the brace has begun to be dragged. Repro rate is not quite 100%. I've managed to apply it to a bar once without a crash.

Macbook Pro, Mojave.

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Selecting a bar is obviously not necessary for applying the Brace, but in my day to day play, this crash has happened once or twice. I just happened to have had a bar selected.

It doesn't crash on my Windows 10 system so it's likely OS specific.

To double check I hid empty staves on my test score to make sure having an empty staff above it wasn't the cause and I still had no crash.

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Could also be score-specific, attaching the score may help. But if the crash occurs on the start of the drag rather than on the release, it probably isn't score-specific.

Still no windows 10 crash. Did you by chance try after saving and loading the score. It shouldn't make a difference, but there might be something that doesn't update until reload.

I get a crash on Linux sometimes, sometimes not. I managed to get to do so under the debugger, but unfortunately the debugger locked up so I couldn't do much except look at the stack trace. It appears to be an index out of range trying to get information about the bracket symbol from the font. The fact that the score uses Bravura is probably relevant. I get the crash maybe one time in ten, regardless of whether a measure is selected or not.

Title Crash when dragging a 'Brace' element from the brackets panel onto the score Sporadic Crash when dragging a 'Brace' from palette to score using Bravura
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Weird that it's so random, then. I can also get it to crash under debugger on Windows, but that doens't just hang the debugger, it crashes it completely, so it's less helpful - at least I got a stack trace on Linux.

I wonder if this is somehow connected to #294384: Curly braces do not scale with staff when Bravura or MuseJazz font is used?

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