Save online, login page loop

• Dec 13, 2019 - 06:48
Reported version
S4 - Minor

1) file > save online
2) attempt to login with musescore account or Google
3) the window will close and reopen with the login page again

So basically, it's impossible to log in to save a score online. Every time I attempt to do so, MuseScore will go back to the login page to make me input my credentials.


Frequency Few Once
Workaround No Yes

Have you tried clearing your browser cache, cookies, etc (the usual steps when troubleshooting a browser-based issue)?

The Save Online feature of MuseScore (the editor) is handled by (the website) and you operating system's built-in web browser / web renderer, speaking under correction). Unfortunately does not have an issue tracker like has, and the site administrators for do not monitor the issue tracker or integrate it with their workflow.

I would strongly suggest that you start a thread under
giving as much info as possible (OS version)

Workaround: use the "Upload" (top blue bar, right-hand side, which will take you to ) to upload your arrangements.

What would be useful to know from one of the developers: what renderer the Save Online feature uses and how one would go about clearing the cache on it (assuming if one knows it is Edge/IE on Windows, clearing said browser's cache would be a sensible step to take when troubleshooting this feature).

FWIW I was seeing this at one point with 3.3.3 on my Linux system, but it went away around the time of 3.3.4. As I recall, during the time I was having problems, official builds didn't work but my development builds did? But then the problem just went away. I never really knew it was something actually fixed in MuseScore, or on, or it was something related to my browser (I actually hadn't considered that at the time).