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• Dec 23, 2019 - 14:59

I read "MuseScore introduces mobile practice mode" (, which states:
"Every day hundreds of thousands of people use MuseScore services for practicing music, learning scores or preparing for performances. [...] We’ve been recently putting a lot of effort into improving the product for performers, not only on the website but in the mobile app.

I searched the handbook and the community forums for "practice mode", "read along mode", and "play-along", but I can't find anything about how to enter practice mode on the desktop/laptop app. Does it exist? If not now, when?

I keep trying to excite my son about how he can learn thru Musescore, and it always ends in frustration because every time we open a new score we need to change the display in a dozen ways, etc.

I know there are many different screen sizes and ratios, but it would be great if scores automatically opened in a way that's perfect for play-along.
* Full-screen
* Read-only
* detects orientation (I put my laptop on its side on my piano - same orientation as printed sheet music, portrait not landscape. For guitar, landscape mode is better, because it's hard to get a laptop on its side.)

Possibly relevant:
- my laptop flexes 180° so I can put it on my piano. My son's does not.
- my laptop has a touchscreen. My son's does not.



Practice mode is a feature of the closed source commercial mobile player apps only.
No such specific feature has been included into the open and free desktop notation software. Depending on your needs you can use the loop playback feature together with continuous or single page view and the play panel to control how the score is viewed and how fast it is played back.

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Is MuseScore from the "Windows Store" the same as the desktop software? I installed both. They install in different locations, and have different symbols (desktop is a blue circle with MU, windows store version is a blue square with MU).
My laptop is a touchscreen and has "tablet mode".
Everything appears the same no matter which version I open.
Other option: try an emulator to open Android apps on Windows 10.

If indeed “Every day hundreds of thousands of people use MuseScore services for practicing music”, then many must be using a laptop or a desktop. It's strange that there is no plugin for that, as we have plugins for all kinds of special needs. Or does anyone know of one?

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