"Ghost elements" appears in the left corner of the score.

• Aug 17, 2014 - 20:20
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

Nightly, August 17 (9e7bd5) / Windows7

1) New score for 2 flutes, 4/4, 32 Measures

2) Select the second measure (second staff), and drag down to add space between the two staves.

Result: the selected measure appears (only one of the selected G notes, but also one C, on first staff, as if the two notes were combined on a single staff) the top left corner of the score.


- Issue also active in the previous Nightly (01b6c81).
- But ok with Nightly (August 16, 4f9dc38). The others could not be opened.

- Same result with the new default score (by adding a staff, via "I", so with bass clef)

piano title.jpg

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Similar "ghost images" appear when you resize a frame - for example, the box around the title.

1) new score or use startup
2) double click title box to resize and start dragging

Result: similar ghost image appears

Title A selected measure, for adding space between staves, appears in the left corner of the score. "Ghost elements" appears in the left corner of the score.

"Ghost measure" is now fixed. Thanks.

But there is the same issue when you drag others elements.

-1) "Ghost text element": instrument name.


- And also with title, composer, etc. In this case, the element remains closer the "initial" element. Like this:


-2) "Ghost single note" for moving it up/down: same result, the note appears on the left corner.

drag note.jpg

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