Playback controls do not function on new Musescore download

• Jan 26, 2020 - 22:08
Reported version
S3 - Major
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I downloaded Musescore 3.4 to my Windows laptop today and the playback controls are completely non-functional. All buttons in the playback area are grayed out, the space bar does nothing, and the play panel will not open. I am confused and hoping someone can help me. Thanks!


Thank you for a quick response! Unfortunately nothing in this article has helped. I tried everything I was able to access, including restoring factory defaults, but I am unable to open the Synthesizer at all. The menu option is grayed out and does not respond.

I am using Windows 10 (Home Edition). In the I/O window, "PortAudio" is checked, but all the dropdown boxes (API, Device, MIDI input, and MIDI output) are empty and grayed out.

That does seem to be the case, as when I went to check on the audio drivers all of them list 32 somewhere in the description instead of 64. This is probably way outside anything you should do, but can you tell me if this is something I can fix or should I just take this as a sign that this software is not for me?

It might be possible to get 64-bit drivers for your hardware, but I have no idea really. You could look online. But failing that, you can certainly install the 32-bit version of MuseScoire, just click the Download link above, Software, then click the link for the 32-bit version.

The playback controls worked very briefly in the 32-bit version, although the playback was happening through my computer's speakers instead of the USB headphones I have plugged in. Then I accidentally clicked on "Toggle MIDI input" while trying to click the button next to it, and the playback controls and Synthesizer all turned gray once again.

When I open the I/O dialog box, the dropdown boxes to select a device, etc, are empty and grayed out. They do not respond when I click on them.

But is PortAudio still selected? ANd what about API? What happens if you restart MuseScore - and make sure you really are running the 32-bit version you just installed, not the 64-bit version that might still be installed (best to uninstall that).