Shift-clicking single notes doesn't create the blue border around it; copy-paste only copies pitch, not attributes.

• Feb 1, 2020 - 22:48
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OS: Windows 10 Home (Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362) x64 processor
Musescore Version:

Case 1: Shift-Clicking on a single note.
1) Shift-click on one note - observe if the blue border is created around the entire note.

2) Copy the note. Paste it on a rest (try one that has a different duration).

3) See if the note only pastes pitch - no other attributes are kept.

Case 2: Shift-Clicking on a single note within a chord.
1) Shift-click on one note within a chord - observe if the blue border is created around the chord.

Steps 2) and 3) are the same as Case 1.


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Shift-click creates a new range selection (blue rectangle) if there was not already a selection, If there was already a range selection - or a single selection fo a note or test - the selection is expanded to include the new note. If the selection existed but was something other than a single note or test, results are undefined.

For me this all works as expected. Can you post a specific score and tell use precisrly what you are trying to select that produces unexpected results for you?

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Oh sorry, I must not have been clear enough.

Say you have one (and only one) note in a bar, maybe the note "E". You are able to select the note and the head will be highlighted. If you shift-click the note, instead of highlighting the whole thing with the blue border, it only highlights the head (no different to right-clicking the note).

Because you're not able to highlight the whole note, only its pitch will be copied when you copy and paste. So if you shift-click, copy and paste the note on a rest, for example, it will paste the note "E" on the duration of the rest, discarding other attributes that might've been associated with the note.

For me, again, it works as expected - blue rectangle displays - if I am sure nothing was selected already when shift-clicking the note. So be sure to press Esc first, Also be sure to shift+click the note head, not the stem or something else.

If you have a specific note in a specific score where this is nkt working as expected, we’d need to attach the score and tell us which E is giving problem.