Hidden pedal items are no longer displayed

• Feb 2, 2020 - 10:28
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Hi guys,

Since v. hidden pedal items are no longer displayed and accessible (soft gray display) when unselecting the "visible" checkbox in the "selector" panel.
Moreover, already hidden pedal items have disappeared from score.

1) add a pedal item from the begining to the middle of the measure
2) add a pedal item from the middle to the end of the measure
3) select the first item and hide it (will hide this items and keep it visible with soft gray display)
4) select the second item and hide it : removes all items without affecting the pedal effect (including effect applied to removed pedal items)

To show all removed items, selects the measure and clicks the "make visible" button from the inspector panel (got this one in french, sorry) .

Anyway, thanks this awsome software.

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Status active needs info

I am either misunderstanding the issue or something is different about your score form mine - could you please attach the score you are having issues with and give precise steps to reproduce the problem? For me, pedal lines set to invisible show as gray, then normal when set back to visible.

My best guess is you turned off both "Visible" and "Line visible"?

  • open the provided file (created from scratch)
  • select the first measure in the bottom staff
  • click the "Show Invisible" button : it will show all pedal items => it's a regression
  • make the first pedal symbol "invisible"
  • make the second pedal symbol "invisible" : it will hide all pedal symbols => it's a regression

Let me know if you can't reproduce, I'll create a video to show this issue.

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Status active fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit af3a18f81a

_fix #300502: fix display of invisible pedals

The issue happened if all pedals in staff in system were invisible.
This led to incorrect Y position being assigned to them._

Great job,
I know this message will pollute the feed,
but sometimes, we also can take 2 mins to say people who maintain great softwares for free how much we appreciate their work.

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