Unable to get a jump to the coda

• Feb 18, 2020 - 23:36

Please see the attached score of La Bamba. I have placed a red ellipse at the point where I want to jump to the coda and another red ellipse at the coda (the repeating coda continues for another measure on a second page that is not shown).

Note that there are two jump points using D.S. The first one operates properly causing a return from the end of the piece to the sign at measure 7, replaying from there. The second D.S. is ignored though I used the Inspector on it, specifying jump to coda.

To work as desired, the red outlined D.S. would be ignored on the first play-through and then on the repeat would force a jump to the coda. Instead it is ignored.

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It's usually hard to help from just a picture - the actual score is usually better. But I think I can see a couple of problems from the picture. The DS at the end of the piece needs to be "DS al Coda" if you want anything to happen after the DS. Thenm, you need "To Coda", not "DS", at the point where you want it to jump to the coda.

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Toe be clear, as I said previously: your "DS" needs to be "DS al Coda". Otherwise it doesn't tell the player, or MuseScore, they need to be on the lookout for a "to Coda",. A "to Coda" is always ignored until the "DS al Cdoa" is seen, otherwise people and MuseScore would take the coda the very first time through.

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I agree, and DS al Coda is what I used when I first transcribed the score. When that didn't work, I tried other things, none of which did the trick. It should work with DS al coda but it doesn't. Just now, with no other changes to the score that I sent you, I put DS al Coda in and still no luck.

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I took the most recent of the score you posted (the one with the "To Coda", deleted the DS, replaced it with DS al Coda, and it worked perfectly., What went wrong for you? Note you can't just edit the text, you need to actually the proper element from the palette, or else modify the properties in the Inspector.

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I deleted the DS, opened the jumps and repeats palette and with the measure where I want the jump to appear selected, double clicked on D.S. al Coda in the palette. That popped it into place as it should. I ran the score from the beginning and, as before the D.S. al Segno works fine and the D.S. al Coda is ignored.

As a test I've saved it just as it is with the properly placed D.S. al Coda and I'm attaching it. See if it will behave for you just as I have sent it to you. If it does, I'll chalk it up to some quirk on this end. After all, playing it myself I can follow the D.S. al Coda. : )

Soichi - I tried checking the play repeats box and it does that but doesn't fix the problem of not jumping to the Coda.

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That is not correct. You replaced the "To Coda", but that was correct the way it was. It's the "D.S" that you need to delete and replace with "D.S. al Coda". So now you need to delete both of those markings. There should be a "D.S. al Coda" at measure 25 to trigger the jump to the segno, and a "To Coda" at measure 18 to trigger the jump to the coda.

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