Classical Orchestra is missing

• Feb 25, 2020 - 23:14

I am making a new page and I selected Classical Orchestra and when I finish the page is blank except for the title. I tried several times and the Classical Orchestra is missing.


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Wait, is the template missing, or does it produce blank scores? That's two totally different problems. You previously said it was the latter, now you are saying it is the former? Please describe the problem in more detail. You go to File / New to create a new score. After entering a title or other info on the first page of the wizard, you go to select the classical orchestra template on the second page of the wizard, You click the "Orchestral" section., Do you see Classical Orchestra listed as one of the three options there, or not? If you do see, it, please complete the wizard, being sure to enter a non-zero number of measures. If the resulting score still does not include any measure at all, try adding one via Ctrl+B. If there are still none, please save the score and upload it here so we can investigate.

Also, make sure there are actually measures in your score. If you continue to have problems, please attach your score so we can examine it further.

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The thing is, it works perfectly fine for me, and apparently for everyone else as well, since no one else has reported a problem. It's possible something is corrupt in your particular installation. In order to have any chance of understanding why it works for us and not for you, we absolutely need you to attach a score created from this template. Please create one using all default settings after a fresh restart of MuseScore (*so, C major, 4/4, 32 bars). There might be some clue within the file to help us understand what the issue is on your particular system. For instance, maybe we'll discover that for some reason "hide empty staves" has been enabled and that's why nothing is enabled. Or the page size might be set in a way that doesn't allow anything to display. Really, without a sample score, it's hard to even guess what might have gone wrong, but I've literally never heard of a report like this in the ten years I've been working on MsueScore. That's why we absolutely need a sample score to have a starting place for investigation.

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First, back up all your scores to a separate folder. Then try uninstalling and reinstalling MuseScore. If you are using Windows, do this from the administrator account, not from the user account. If you reinstall Musescore and you still have problems, I would run a virus scan on your device.

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Hello ruchiranatraj
First of all be reassured, you only have on this forum people who want to help you :)
By opening the scores I put above none of us is confronted with your problem and this is what we are trying to understand.
Below I have made a small gif describing how we create a new "Classical Orchestra" score without any problem.
Can you view it, try to reproduce it and tell us what's different on your computer?

New score.gif

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Your reply still without a score or whatever this is means less.

You already have 3 people showing you they don't experience the same issue and practically begging you to provide the sample in hopes of helping you.

What have you got to lose by not providing us with the asked sample?

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