Every launch of the Windows Store version acts like it's the first launch

• Feb 26, 2020 - 07:27


Every single time you start the Windows Store version of Musescore 3, it gives you the startup wizard to set language and keyboard settings. The application doesn't seem to remember anything about previous launches including recent scores. Obviously files saved on the filesystem still exist, but nothing else seems to be saved.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch the app, click through the wizard and say that you don't want to see it again.
  2. Work on a score or two so you have some recents.
  3. Kill the app (don't need to restart system)
  4. Relaunch the app
  5. Walk through the same wizard again and have no recent scores!


  • OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64,
  • MuseScore version (64-bit):,
  • revision: 7ea61d9
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This most likely points at a permissions issue, like the program is not able to save its settings due to insufficient privileges to the directories it stores its settings in.

But why in step 3 kill the application rather than just exiting it?

I know it isn't an answer to your issue, but why using the Windows store at the first place ?
Big players are currently stopping providing their app for that store and more and more rumors say that Microsoft will soon kill it.

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I like supporting a diversity of platforms and the Windows Store has some (at least theoretical) benefits over traditional win32 apps. Also, I'm not sure what rumors you're talking about, they've killed the Windows Phone and Windows 8 stores as far as I'm aware, but I've never heard anything about the Windows 10 store going anywhere.

Either way, I'd prefer to not have that startup dialog whenever I start in the meantime!

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I think the main possible theoretical benefit to using the Store is that the apps have been vetted and are safe to run. I go there every so often but many of the apps are older versions or not very highly rated. Support it if you must, but if something isn't working it might not be worth it. Consider downloading the most recent version from MuseScore. If that doesn't work, that's when you know there might be a problem. I know that doesn't answer your question but I think if it works you can move on.

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Ok, but that doesn't change that fact that Musescore was released on the Windows Store. If this version isn't being supported, it should be removed from the store so people aren't using a buggy version and leaving the platform because of it. If it is being supported, then here's the bug report!

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That version surly is supported. But the bug you observe has not been observed by anybody else so far, and as as long as we can't reproduce it, we can't fix it either.
The Store version will always be behind the latest version you get directly from musescore.org though.

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I clicked the copy button on the "About Musescore" screen.... I guess I figured that gave you the information you wanted.

I'm on Windows 10 Pro, 1903, 18362.657. Just noticed there's an update to 1909 that didn't go automatically so I'll do that now and see if that makes a difference. I'd update the original report but it seems that it's been too long.

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Still sounds like a permissions problem on your system, though, since no one else seems to be experiencing this. Like maybe you installed the program as one user but are now trying to use it while logged in as another? Or the account was deleted, or changed name? Hmm, I recall something about a recent Windows 10 update having the unfortunate side effect of renaming user accounts and/or their folders, maybe you are being hit by that. See for instance:


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I'm the only user on my system, I do have store apps set to install on my D drive. Deep in the thread you posted, it states stuff about Zune folders. Despite never owning a Zune or installing Zune software, I do seem to have those files. So I guess my next step is to roll windows back to a previous version, try and delete that Zune stuff, and then update again. If that doesn't do it, then I have no idea why this would be happening since I haven't done anything fancy on the Windows side!

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I'm not talking about Zune, I'm talking about the creating of a folder ending in ".000". I guess for that particular user it was a Zune file that triggered the bug, but I believe the bug is more general than that, could be triggered other ways too. Apparently that is something you may have to fix manually, as I'm not sure even rolling back the OS would revert the user account changes. Unless you also set a restore point, that might do it.

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