Disappearing beam while editing slur node

• Mar 19, 2020 - 19:24
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Doesn't make much sense, but I'm experiencing the disappearance of a beam on the previous measure while editing a slur node. It seems to re-appear only when the measure in which it is contained is edited, and not any other measure even in the same system, which is most definitely a problem. Won't be sharing the exact score, but maybe it can be reproduced in a basic score. For now, here is a screencast showing what's happening. It caught my eye mainly because of the finger-text position shifting in the process, causing a weird layout change also that can be slightly offputting:


Version 3.4.2

Update: Further specifications: the beam is actually connected [set as middle position] to a previous measure's beamed note, and that measure breaks automatically into a new system. This seems to be the main area of the problem. That is, the previous measure has a note that has beams set up to cross-measure beam. If I take that off and make the beam connect as only a single beam, then this problem doesn't occur. So the issue is some how in the cross-measure beaming in addition with a new system between them, and then what was demonstrated in the screen-capture occurs.


Yes. I've also run across something similar where a beam disappeared when it wasn't cross-measured, so I'm not sure if it's 100% cross-measuring, but it was probably related in that maybe a previously cross-measured beam and its problems some how affected another beam later in that measure.

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Sure. Since original post, one crucial piece of information about this bug has been made known (might be the reason why you failed to reproduce the problem):

1) There must be no manual line break between said systems.

If there is a manual line break, the problem doesn't seem to manifest. This especially happens when trying to recreate the issue, as it's most natural to attempt cross-system + measure beams with a manual line break.

So either use bogus notes or stretch, or with the following attachment is a bunch of blank measures first. With this file, attempt the activity as shown in the screencast. I.e,. select the second measure of the second system, and move a note or a a slur and watch the first note's flag of the first measure of that system "disappear".

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Thanks, this is really a very simple example but it indeed shows the issue. I think I found where is goes wrong but need some more tests to be conclusive.
There is a simple way to correct the beam, just change something on the previous system and change it back (e.g. shift a rest up and down), this will restore the beam.

When a system break is between two measures of a cross measure beam, the beaming algorithm nicely replaces the the cross measure beam by hooks. This system break can be intentional by placing a SystemBreak element or the result of the auto-placer but both cases are handled correctly by the beaming algorithm and the cross measure beam is replaced by hooks.

The problems starts when something is edited on a system starting with the second measure of a cross measure beam. The edit will cause a re-layout, starting at the beginning of the system where something was edited.
As long the auto-placer knows the first note it sees is part of a cross measure beam it will know the hook is there for a reason. The root cause of the issue was the auto-placer didn't take the situation onto account when the system break was the result of the auto-placer itself, this information was lacking during the partial re-layout triggered by the edit.

PR is on its way but during the tests I saw some strange artifacts and want to know whether these are introduced by this PR or not.

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