Disable Play options for RNA (or support RNA playback))

• Jun 21, 2020 - 11:29
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OS: macOS High Sierra (10.13),
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revision: b5add95

Nothing happens when I select “play button (chord symbol playback)” in RNA’s (Roman Numeral Analysis) inspector.
Seems NNS (Nashville Number System) is working, so RNA should works too?


Reported version 3.5 3.x-dev

(there really is no 3.5 yet, just a Beta, and in case it does get fixed for 3.5 a 'reported in 3.5 -> fixed in 3.5' would look rather stupid)

Title “play button (chord symbol playback)” is not working in the RNA’s inspector Support playback for RNA
Severity S4 - Minor S5 - Suggestion
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It’s a complicated subject, since the RNA is relative to some key but we don’t necessarily know which. It might be the key (or more accurately, one of the two keys - major or minor) indicated by the key signature, but often it is not. So we don’t have any good way of figuring that Out. Plus there are many special symbols used in RNA that the chord symbol facility would not understand. So while playback of RNA is something that might be nice someday, it’s not anything I can imagine happening soon.

Also FWIW, it’s not usual to use RNA in this way anyhow. It’s usually attached to staves that already have chords fully notated. So playback of the RNA would be superfluous in most cases.

Meanwhile workaround if for some reason you have a score with RNA but no notes is to add chord symbols as well, and make them invisible if you like.

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AFAIK some RNA (esp. for Jazz) have vey complicated symbols and I can imagine it’s very difficult to playback these correctly.
And literally, Roman Numeral Analysis uses for analysis, not expecting any sounds in most cases.

Then wouldn’t it be user friendly to make Chord Symbols Playback options greyed out and make them not selectable?

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Title Let “play button” disable to select (greyed-out) in the RNA inspector Disable Play options for RNA (or support RNA playbacl)

Title tweaked a bit more :-)