Allow templates to be full scores

• Aug 26, 2014 - 07:20
S5 - Suggestion

Allow templates to be full scores, so one can see how all elements would be laid out in the real score that gets derived from a given template.

This also would make it far easier to create templates, just take a score that looks like you'd wnt your score to look like.

Currently notes and rests are allowed in templates and, as of recently also excess measures get removed on score creation using a template. Title, subtitle, etc. as well as key- and timesig get overwritten, so are not a Problem.

To be added (to the list of things to get deleted) are things like chord symbols, possibly fretboard diagrams, lyrics, system-, staff and tempo text, hairpins (like you'd want them above staff rather than below when there are lyrics), same for dynamics too.

There may be more, might be easiest do remove about every element?


I'd prefer not to, esp. when using a real score that may have 3 measures in one line and 5 in another, which may make sense for that score but not for the 'derived one'. Or for templates that have no nnoets, so need line breaks to fill the page for preview, but once filled inthe derived score had different requirements

I think it makes sense for some template but not others. For lead sheets in particular, 4 bars per line is a very common convention and it's nice that the template shows how this can be done. You can always delete the breaks. But of course, they are also easy to add.