Toolbar resolution huge on MacOS

• Jul 26, 2020 - 18:48
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Hi guys,

Please look at the screenshot below and if you have any suggestions let me know.
System MacOS High Sierra.
I use a TV screen connected to the HDMI.

MuseScore is the only program that is giving me this issue.

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I looked at those topics and they seem to resolve the issue on Windows and Linux, but not Mac, especially not for this most recent version of MuseScore.
I can't utilize advice from 2016, and I tried...

Also, I'm not advanced in using the Terminal control panel on Mac, so if somebody can give me a step by step way to resolve this issue it will be very much appreciated since something like "-D dpi command line option" is very confusing to me.

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To learn how to use command line options on a Mac, you could try a general web search - unfortunately I really don't have that kind of experience. But there is also some information on how to use command line options in the MuseScore Handbook, in the section called "Command line options". See the Support menu at the top of this page.

The main issue for this is #106241: Monitor resolution detected incorrectly, making sizes wrong

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Marc, I appreciate your effort to help. I read that post before opening this topic and I was just as confused as before, if not more.
It's okay. I guess I have to give up the option of using MuseScore until somebody can help me. I have limited knowledge of technical language and commands. It's my problem and so it is.
I'm just sad to not being able to use this software that, to me, it's the best notation software I've used (and I use them all).

Thank you anw.

I did a quick web search for information on how to use command line on a Mac and found this, which seems pretty clear:

It explains how to open the terminal app. All you really need is the first paragraph or so.

Once you have the terminal app open, then the instructions in the Handbook should work: simply type "mscore -D xxx", without the quotes, and where "xxx" is the resolution of your monitor. I would start by trying 72.

If you do this and get an error message like "mscore: command not found", then I guess some macOS expert would need to step in to tell you how to modify those instructions.