Paste lyrics when pasting note

• Aug 16, 2020 - 18:33
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See screenshot.

Cut a note and its lyric.
Paste it.

Expected: note is pasted with lyric attached.
Actual: only note is pasted

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Status active by design

Lyrics get copied along with the note only on a range selection (and if the selection filter doesn't exclude them)

Impossible. If you select a single element like a note(head) here, copy/past can (and should!) only work on that.
You gif shows that you selected the notehead only.
But even if you has also selected the lyrics (Ctrl+click) it would not work, in thsat case not at all, none of the elements would copy. You need a range selection

I would expect when I cut/copy and paste an element, anything attached to that element would be pasted too - lyrics, text, articulations. In the current version of Musescore they just get obliterated. This is not what user wants to happen

If you copy/past an element, that element gets copy/pasted. And that works and works in your gif. You did not select the lyrics!

And copy/paste does not work at all on a list selection

Is you want to copy a notehead (pitch), its stem (or rather: its duration, need proof? Paste a quarter note head onto a half rest) and its chord symbols and lyrics etc, use a range selection, that is what it is made for.

Don't use a hammer when a screwdriver is needed

Severity S5 - Suggestion S4 - Minor
Status by design active

I disagree, this just doesn't work. See in the screen capture - I try select note and lyric to paste as you suggest, still doesn't paste. And I can't find any way of selecting a range of this note - shift doesn't grab anything.

You can't just disregard something as 'by design' when the design doesn't work or is unpleasant to use. These quality of life issues should stay open until they can be addressed properly. Otherwise people come to use Musescore, and find it a mountain of small unpleasantnesses that are never fixed.

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Why? The software has been written and as such designed that way, this just a fact.
Doesn't mean that the design is good though. Even if I think it is...

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No, the "copy list" feature has NOT been written ... yet. Because it was complex to write, or it wasn't just the priority, or whatever. So it is not "by design" (like a feature that would have been specifically designed in a certain way).
And that one can find a missing feature "a good design" is completely beyond me.

Code not yet written is still a Suggestion, not a Bug. The lyrics is attached to the chord, not the note(head) so selecting a note head and and a lrics ain't going to work on paste.
The good design is that lyrics are attached to chords and as such require a range selection...

IN gebneral, copying of arbitrary lists just isn't possible - consider, what if you had one note from within one chord in one measure, a different note from within a different chord in a different measure, another still from another staff entirely, plus a single accidental in yet another measure, plus two random articulations attached to other notes still, plus the composer text. Now try to paste that list selection somewhere - what do you expect?

There is a reason arbitrary list selections aren't possible, and why range selections are the supported way of accomplishing what the original request here.

That's not to say we couldn't perhaps develop a few more special cases where list selection copy does work. We currently allow homogenous lists of chord symbols, lyrics, articulations, and maybe a couple fo other element types. We could conceivable someday add a special case when exactly one note and exactly one lyrics are selected. So, it's a valid suggestion for a new special case feature. But there is no possible design that could generally support copy/paste of arbitrary selections. Not that I can think of anyhow. If a UI designer reading this has ideas for alternative diesgns that would allow for it, I encourage you to post to the forum with a concrete and detailed proposal.

I'm trying to not judge the possibility or merits of suggestions so I'll include this as related to #311174: [EPIC] UI/UX issues and suggestions. Perhaps someone could find a reasonable compromise like, if all of the list items are the same type, pasting them at a spot will put them in consecutively (eliminating any horizontal or vertical spacing) and either do nothing or give an error notification otherwise. Since lyrics are not attached to a notehead but rather a chord, this suggestion would not be included in such an implementation.