Alpha (transparency) not showing on several symbols and elements

• Aug 26, 2020 - 16:25
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Some elements display their alpha transparency, while others don't. It would be convenient if all elements could be displayed with their color + alpha channel on the screen the same way they will be printed.

What honors alpha transparency:
- Text (all kinds of, it seems: measure numbers, staff text, instrument changes etc)
- Bar lines
- note stems
- note beams
- staff lines
- arpeggios
- glissandi
- tremolos
- lines (slurs, etc)

What doesn't:
- Time signatures
- Clefs
- Key signatures
- note head
- note hook (flag)
- rest
- Articulation, ornaments, fermatas
- Accidentals

Additionally, not sure about this but maybe the HTML# in the Color inspector could be updated to RGB+A (If this doesn't become a problem for some users, of course).

Transparent objects still get highlighted when selected, so it would not be a problem handling them even while hard to see, IMO.

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It seems the lack of transparency is with Symbols only (text, lines, shapes drawn with Qt are all ok, but the drawSymbol code implies on some converting of symbol to bitmap before drawing them). Maybe there's a simple solution at the root of that process so everything would be fixed.

For a book I have written, I export PDF and import it to Scribus.
Text and stuff is okay though. It was black on the notes and elsewhere.
So I solved the problem by not using their transparent settings but by making them light-gray.

I'm not sure I can find the samples right now. Because I've done almost all of them gray.

Ok. Thanks for sharing! it's good to know real case uses. I use this to hide time signatures and add custom ones (big) but hiding the t/s will also dismiss the spacing, which is not desired in this case so I set the t/s to transparent, as mentioned here

Also, to add symbols as custom noteheads. I set the original notehead to transparent, because if I set it to invisible, the ledger lines are also set invisible.

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