MuseScore 2.0 Beta1 No zoom with Ctrl+mouse (Mac)

• Aug 27, 2014 - 08:24
S5 - Suggestion

In version 2.0 doesn't work the option of zooming in/out the score with "Ctrl + mouse wheel" (Cmd + wheel).


With my apple mouse doesn't work.…

I've tried the bluetooth apple trackpad and it works, but in an unusable way. The score zooms but moves the center of the screen and dance up and down. (See the Video)

Both, the Apple Mouse and the trackpad, work fine with other programs.

I have tried other "ordinary" mices (Trust, Logitec) and definitely the zoom doesn't work in MuseScore 2.0, but works in MuseScore 1.3

What type of Mac and mouse do you use?

I tried with a mac book pro, running Mac 10.9, I can zoom with Cmd + two fingers or by moving two fingers farther apart or closer.

Also tried on a Mac book (old one, the white), I can zoom with Cmd + two fingers moving horizontally.

Just out of curiosity, wouldn't cmd + vertical scrolling be better and more intuitive? Unless that function is used by something else. Not all mac users use apple mice as they generally are more expensive then other solutions, (which is why I don't on my laptop anyway). Most mice only have a simple wheel with vertical scrolling, not the horizontal capable ball.

Hi Nicolas

I'm using an apple mighty mouse and occasionally and apple magic trackpad

After testing with other mouses (Logitech, Trust, Genius) Cmd + wheel definitely does not work.

I have found that it does with these mouses if I do "Cmd+Shift+Wheel". But with the Apple mouse this combination works only if scrolling of the wheel is horizontal, not vertical.

Maybe it's a location problem (translation) or of Spanish keyboard. The keyboard I use is also an Apple USB keyboard with numeric keypad (Spanish: ñ, ç, etc). This is:…

With the trackpad if you zoom, but the page jumps. Something that does not occur in MuseScore 1.3

I am using a Mac Mini mid 2011 model 2,3GHz, 8GB RAM Mac OSx 10.9

UPDATED: I have an Bluetooth apple spanish keyboard. With this Cmd+Wheel works fine in MuseScore 1.3 both, scrolling vertical an horizontal. But I cannot get zoom nor Cmd+Wheel nor Cmd+Shift+Wheel

The issue is that Cmd + two fingers scrolling upwards (which is the zoom-in function on Firefox, LibreOffice, and MuseScore 1.3) isn't working in MuseScore 2.0 Beta1.

But it gets worse. Even with a trackpad and knowing that for some reason you have to move the fingers apart or together (sounds like a mobile app. That's not the way desktop applications work), it gets worse.

If in the "Trackpad" pane of System Preferences the option intended to make the trackpad imitate touchscreen functions (and act less like a mouse) is enabled, then to zoom in you have to pinch, and to zoom out you have to spread.

Spread to zoom out? Pinch to zoom in?
This is completely absurd.

Is this only a bug in the Mac code? People with Linux PCs and Windows laptops, what's going on with yours?

By the way, hi there everybody. ;-) Newbie commenter here.

FWIW, the machine I am using right now is a Chromebook running Ubuntu via crouton. Ctrl + "mouse wheel" (either two-finger swipe or swipe right edge of pad) zooms just fine for me.