Cannot change some text styles

• Sep 12, 2020 - 07:36
Reported version
S3 - Major

Go to Style and select Text Styles (the bottom tab), then go to Hairpin and change the font, then press OK. It seems like something was changed, since the file name has an asterisk at the end. Then load Styles again. The font for Hairpin is still the custom one you selected, but go to Palm Mute (which is above Hairpin) and you can see that the font for that is changed too, even though you haven't touched it. Then go to Bend (which is below Hairpin) and all is normal. Then go to Hairpin again, and your change has been reverted.

In fact, nothing has actually been changed during the whole process. If you have a hairpin (such as a cresc. line, IIRC technically it's a hairpin even though it's really more of a text line) on your score, you can see that it's never been changed. This can be confirmed by looking into an .mscx file, the change was never recorded, even though the change can still be seen from the UI the next time you load the file or even the program.

This is probably true for some other tabs as well, but I didn't check them one by one.


I think this was reported very early on in the 3.0 development / release, but I'm not seeing it.

I think the issue is that in styles.cpp, the association is made between Sid::hairpinFontFace and Pid::BEGIN_FONT_FACE rather than Pid::FONT_FACE. And most likely it does need to be that way in order for the various Inspector fields to work as expected, but probably there also needs to be a way for the more generic text style font face to interact with those.

Frequency Once Many

This has affected us for the Lieder Corpus. From what @Marc Sabatella says, it seems that the problem is that the Format > Style dialog has one style for Text Lines, but the Inspector has different styles for Begin Text, Continue Text and End Text. Perhaps it shouldn't be possible to adjust the style independently for each part of the line? Or maybe all three parts should use the same style (Text Line) but allow properties to be overridden individually?