Edits to system text/tempo marking after save and reload of score do not propagate to all parts.

• Oct 13, 2020 - 23:09
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OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 12ab1d9

Create a score with two or more instruments
In first bar Add>Text>System text/tempo marking
Create all parts
Save and close
Re-open score
Edit System text in score.
Result: edit is propagated to the first part only. It does not show up on other parts. Deleting the text also only affects the first part.

Edits are propagated to all parts if steps 4 and 5 are skipped - i.e. if the score is not saved before making an edit.

@mike320 confirms and reports this is a regression from 3.5.0.


I use the same MuseScore version for Windows.
Can`t reproduce this issue. Could you add more details or add link to a video with reproducing this issue?
I think the step "Create all parts" is not clear for me. Could you clarify how to "create all parts" (for example)?

That exactly is the issue. If you change a system text in the (main) score ("all parts" as you call it) it should change in every single part. And vice versa. As this is what a system text should do, along with tempo markings, rehearsal marks, repeats and jumps, and some more.

Definitely, we've identified the specific lines involved, where we write the link info for the measures to the score file. What we are not sure about is what to do about it. Removing the lines fixes this problem but presumably leaves the rest of the measure properties code in an inconsistent state.

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I just tested this. It seems fixed for a new score created in 3.5.2 but not for a score previously created under 3.5.1.

To reproduce:

  1. Open a score with multiple parts created under 3.5.1 that has system text items
  2. Edit the system text in the score.
    result - edits show up in first part only, not in other parts.

Save and re-open after editing has no effect.
Saving the 3.5.1 score from 3.5.2 before editing does not change the behaviour even if saved with a new name and even if other edits are made before saving. It seems that a score saved under 3.5.1 is forever doomed!

Unfortunately the bug was such that the error was on writing the file, so once corrupted, it isn't easy to fix. And actually, merely deleting the texts doesn't completely fix the underlying problem, just the symptom - there are most likely other ill effect of the bug unfortunately, even if I can't say for sure what exactly they might be. Other elements not linked properly, basically. So really, deleting and regenerating the parts in any "infected" score is probably best.

However, simply saving the file in 3.5.2 does cure the underlying problem, even if it doesn't eliminate the symptoms that already manifested. So if you can't bring yourself to delete and regenerate the parts for a score already saved in 3.5.1, I would suggest first opening and saving in 3.5.2, then closing and reopening, before you begin the cleanup process. That should maximize chance of success.

BTW, instead of deleting the tempo texts one by one in the parts, you could at least use Select / All Similar Elements.

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