Mandolin has Grand Piano sound

• Nov 23, 2020 - 00:07
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  1. Create score with mandolin.

Result: Grand Piano in Mixer.

Using MuseScore 3.5.2 - Mac 10.11.6.


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Do your first loaded soundfont support the nylon sound? If note it will revert to the first sound in the soundfont, usually a grand piano.

The post about nylon was partly anecdotal to illustrate that there might be something wrong for some time if it's now playing Grand Piano.

I have the default SF3 loaded.

I do to, running 5.3.2 and I'm currently working on score with a mandolin and it sounds like a nylon guitar. I didn't do anything to change its sound.

When I create the score with mandolin and look at mixer, grand piano is there by default.

I’m wondering if it’s OS-specific. What are you using? Can others try as well, please?

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Forget everything I've said till now.

It seems the mandolin in 3.5.2 is coming up grand piano. I didn't remember changing it in my score and I'm sure (for what it's worth) I started it in 3.5.2 rather than a previous version.

Looking at instruments.xml I see the likely problem. #24 is mistakenly called "Acoustic Guitar (nylon)" in the comments and the GM1 standard (according to has #24 as the very popular "Tango Accordion" which is not in the MuseScore General HQ soundfont. So all refererences to #24 - 31 in the guitar sounds are wrong in Instruments.xml. #24-31 should be #25-32.

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IIRC the numbers (in GM and instruments.xml) are off by one, 1-based vs. 1-based, so 24 is the correct number for nylon strung guitar (and as that for mandolin too)

Whatever: when I create a score with a mandolin in 3.5.2. it does definitely not sound like a piano, but sound the same as classical guitar (nylon strung)

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For the Mandolin, Mandola, Mandocello families we have:

                        <controller ctrl="32" value="16"/> <!--Mandolin-->
                        <program value="24"/> <!--Acoustic Guitar (nylon)-->

For Guitar (Nylon-strung) wqe have:

                  <Channel name="open">
                        <program value="24"/> <!--Acoustic Guitar (nylon)-->

What it should be though is:

                        <controller ctrl="32" value="16"/> <!--Mandolin-->
                        <program value="25"/> <!--Acoustic Guitar (steel)-->
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