Guitar Tab numbers not showing when exported as SVG

• Dec 1, 2020 - 11:11

I am using MuseScore to make simple guitar tabs. I was making them and exporting them as SVG's and this has worked fine for months, maybe even a year now.

All of a sudden, the exports are just showing white boxes for the tab and not the numbers. I don't believe I've made any changes and this is happening on both my Windows PC and Mac laptop.

Any idea what could fix this issue? (I must export SVG's from musescore about 10 times a week so this is a real pain)

Added info
I am using version 3.5.2 - This happens with every SVG export I have done using Tab. I get the white boxes but no numbers in them. I also exported this as a PNG and I have the numbers showing in the boxes, so I assume it is something directly to do with the SVG export settings/code.


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