First barline of a system gets disconnected

• Dec 7, 2020 - 17:32
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I am writing an orchestral piece and I see all the time that when I write notes in a system, the next system's first barline gets disconnected, but updates when I write a note in that system. It usually happens when I'm writing scores with more than one instrument. Why does this happen and is there a solution?

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Title Why does the first barline of a system always get disconnected? First barline of a system gets disconnected
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I've also often noticed this in orchestral scores. It eventually clears itself when you continue entering notes.

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In order to investigate, we would need you to attach a score that exhibits the issue and precise steps to reproduce.

I've seen this occasionally, and there were bugs fixed a year or two ago that caused this more often. but any time I've seen it recently, it turned out to be due to bad barline settings on my part.

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To see the bug, put the sample score in a view where you can see two pages. I get the disappearing barline when I enter the first note into the flute.

In 'Page View'...
I get the disappearing barline when I enter a single (i.e., quarter) note into measure #1.
Choosing a different measure requires 2 (quarter) notes to be entered, then the barline on page 2 changes.

(Windows 10 MuseScore 3.5.2)

OK, I can reproduce here. My gut tells me this has to do with how partial relayout works. If the edit to one page doesn't spill over onto the next page, we stop trying to layout the rest of the score (which is how we got some major performance improvements going form MuseScore 2 to 3). But in the process of doing this, we always need to look one measure ahead just to be sure it doesn't now fit on the previous page, and in the course of doing that, we temporarily remove the header (clef, key, time signature) and possibly add a trailer (courtesy key and time signatures), then back those changes out if we decide it still doesn't fit on the previous page.

So if I'm right, the issue comes because generating the final barlines is part of this (we decide between single and double and repeat, for example, based on whether there is a key change or for the purposes of end/start repeat pairs). When we back out our tentative change, I guess we get the barlines wrong.

What I don't get is why I can't reproduce this from scratch. So somehow it does seem connected to something special about how the barlines are connected. Normally one wouldn't connect barlines through all sections like this, and it shouldn't be the default in any of our templates. Do you recall how you did it here?

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I click on the barline and pull the little tab all the way down. I just connected all the barlines for demonstration. Usually I would put full barlines through all the sections individually, woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings, etc. It wouldn't happen if I didn't connect them all because, of course, there would always be disconnected barlines.

The classical templates connect all of the barlines within a family (WW, Brass strings). When I create a score from the Classical orchestra template I get the disappearing barline on the second note I enter.

Weird, I still can't reproduce from scratch, including using the Classical Orchestra template then adding two notes. But, I still bet my original guess as to the cause is correct.