Segno et al do not display at start of mmrest

• Aug 29, 2014 - 15:50
S4 - Minor

Ubuntu Studio 14.04, GIT commit: abc70ae

1) new score
2) add double bar after bar 4
3) add segno to bar 5
4) "M"

Result: mmrest breaks between bars 4 & 5 as it should, but segno does not appear. Staff text - had it been attached to bar 5 - *does* appear, so I guess maybe the issue is unique to items with measure as opposed to segment alignment.


I found a work around for this for the time being.

1. Click the mmrest after where the segno should be
2. Ctrl + T
3. Insert Segno from the Special Characters
4. Click the Segno
5. In inspector, under text, change style to Repeat Text Left.

This should work for now.

What I originally tried doing was create the text, insert the segno and increase the font size. However, this does not save once you click out of it. The segno(text) returns to it's original size.

Seems the work around does not entirely work.

1. Click mmrest at measure 9
2. Ctrl + T and type in anything
3. click out and your text should show up.

Now try that with measure one (second mmrest). The text does not show up. But, if you get rid of the mmrests, you'll see that the text was hidden because of the mmrests.

It seems mmrests can only have 1 un-hidden text showing. More than that and they disappear.

So, the workaround does semi-work.

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