Version 3.6 Fingering Issue

• Jan 25, 2021 - 15:37

I downloaded the new version 3.6.

On my Piano Scores I use the LH Guitar Fingering on my chords to have the numbers side by side to the notes. The new version has thrown them off to the side and out of alignment.

When I line them up again and save and close the score, and then reopen the score they are all out of alignment again.

Version 3.5 did not have this issue. When I moved a fingering number to where I want to see it, it always kept it there.

Problem now is that I have to remove version 3.6 to re-install 3.5.



As far as I know, there were no changes in the Fingering chapter between 3.5.2 and 3.6.
By the way, I cannot reproduce. I just created a file with 3.5.2 (a piano staff, a chord, and some LH Guitar fingerings, entered by default without any offset) : piano fingering guitar.mscz
Well, open it with 3.6, and you'll see that it's exactly in the same state.
So we'll need you to attach your score so we can understand it better.

NB: what do you mean exactly with "alignment"?

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Meaning of alignment: For a 3 note chord, I typically use the LH Guitar fingering. The center note is basically in the middle but the top and bottom overlap the middle, therefore I will move the top number up and the bottom number down with the arrow keys. I have a style set for Arial Narrow at size 9 with a -1 offset. (personal preference)
My issue was I opened a score that was created in v3.5.2 in v3.6 and all my LH guitar fingerings were all pulled out of alignment. When I re-aligned them, saved and re-opened the score they were all pulled out of alignment again. I checked the style setting and it still was the same as v 3.5.2
I will play again this weekend and let you know what I find.
Thanks for following up.

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OK, in that case I'm guessing you are seeing something like #315847: Certain Formatting Changes/Resets Do Not Save in Parts, although you didn't specifically say this was for a part as opposed the score. But still, there were fixes made in this area regarding certain cases of imported files not playing well with the style reset mechanism. So hopefully the fixes made will address your case as well. When you attach your score and precise steps to reproduce the problem, we can test.

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Hi Marc;
Here are two examples.
Parts of this score were create in v3.5.2 and copied and pasted into V3.6
There are no issues with notes v3.6
I added LH Guitar Fingering to the chords.
I used my text style. Arial Narrow, Size 9, Color Maroon, offset -1.0 on the X axis
I saved and closed with no alignment changes and re-opened the score.
The score opens the same way as I closed it.

see next post for example two

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I have downlaoded your test scores. But what I need now are steps I can follow to reproduce the problem? I assume you are saying, if I make some specific change, then save, close, and reload, the change won't be saved. but what change specifically should I make?

When I load your first score into 3.6.1 (released today), I see the fingering is Arial Narrow, 9 pt, maroon, X offset -1, just as you said it should be. Which fingering should I now change, and to what?

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Now that you have the score my next step would be to open and add LH Guitar Fingering to any chord set of 3.
When you add a finger number to each of the notes in the chord you will see that the top note and bottom note numbers will overlap. This is prevalent one notes that are close together (FAC for example)
Now use the arrow up and arrow down keys to move each number to align vertically.
Save and close. Re-open and this is how the alignment gets changed.

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I tried that, specifically:

1) measure 5, I added two notes to the first chord (to the B, I added E and G)
2) I added LH guitar fingering to all three: 5 3 1 (top down)
3) I used Up cursor to nudge the 5 until it cleared the 3; resulting Y offset is 1.12 mm
4) I similarly moved the 1 down, resulting in Y offset of 0.28 mm
5) save, close reload

Result: no change I can see, offsets remain as I set them

This is with 3.6.1, so maybe indeed the change I mentioned is what fixed it. Seems likely, as that was the purpose - correcting offsets on read/write for elements whose "follow staff size" property has been turned off.

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One other thing -

I see you disabled the "Follow staff size" option for the fingering,. Any particular reason? That wouldn't be a usual thing to do, but there was a bug - not new in 3.6 - where disabling that option for text that disaplsy on the staff would do weird things to offsets. That particular bug (present since the beginning of MuseScore as far as I know) is finally fixed in MuseScore 3.6.1. So the alignment part could possibly be the result your having made that setting, but that wouldn't explain why it was working in 3.5.2, then.

The only change I can think of that was made to fingering for 3.6 is to revert a change previously made in 3.5. Prior to 3.5, fingering did not scale with note size, so small notes still had full size fingering. For 3.5, this changed so fingering started scaling. But people told us they liked the previous behavior better where the fingering did not scale, so we restored it.

So if you are encountering some sort of issue, we would need you to attach the score with the problem, and give us precise steps to reproduce the issue. Then we can begin to investigate.

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