Random crashing, possible connected to ASIO/MME

• Feb 3, 2021 - 00:23
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Random crashing, without autosave even when it's on for every 1min. Crashing happens too frequent without any trigger. Action such as note input, putting staccato, pulling stuff from palette, playback etc. would cause crashing.


Frequency Many Once
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Steps to reproduce needed. Sample score, exact version of MuseScore and operating system

OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 1977cb3
As mentioned above, note input such as one note per mouse click, by keyboard, by palette, or just playback would cause crashing.

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If you continue to have problems after updating, please give us precise steps to reproduce the problem - tell us exact which measure to click, exactly which notes to add, etc.

Frequency Once Many

I'm having this same issue as well. Steps to reproduce are: basically click on anything in the score :/
I was on 3.6.0 earlier today and was having frequent crashing, then I noticed 3.6.1 was out so I installed that hoping it might include a fix for the issue I was experiencing. The crashes continued, then I restarted but unfortunately it didn't help.

Here's a detailed description of what I've been doing in musescore:
I have a score with 9 instruments, and have assigned them each to MIDI channels which are routing to Ableton Live via loopMIDI (http://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/loopmidi.html). I have the Mixer window open on the side of the Musescore window.

Ableton has about 15 tracks, 9 of which are MIDI tracks with the UVI Workstation as the instrument. I'm using those 9 tracks for this MIDI playback and all other tracks are just ignored for now (2 audio tracks, 3 "group" tracks).

I used this software setup just by pressing play in musescore, so that Ableton is just a VST instrument host.

I had been getting stuck figuring out how the text style/change channel thing works (I've figured it out now). In doing so, I'd been doing a lot of clicking on a notehead to see what channel gets the note in Ableton. Clicking on a notehead, stem, barline, text, etc... is causing the crash. So far it is seemingly random, but occurs quite often. It's been reliably after the 1st click - if I click again or somewhere else then it crashes. It can be any note in any measure.
I attached the musescore file.

Here's the info copied from the musescore "About":
OS: Windows 10 (10.0)
Arch.: x86_64
MuseScore version (64-bit):
revision: d0fc8e9

Additionally, I checked my system resources monitor, and when it's all running my RAM is about 34% used, and CPU usage isn't going above 12%

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Frequency Many Once

I would say if you are having issues specific to MIDI out, it's probably not related to what is being discussed here. Best to ask for help not eh Support forum and include the same sort of detail, lots of knowledgeable folks there who might be able to give pointers. Obviously, crashes are bad, but since we don't have the same setup as you, it's hard to reproduce. But maybe discussions will help figure out a way to reproduce on other systems.

"Exact step: note input mode on bar 15 first beat, press ESC to exit, after pressed it crashed."

Result, nothing unexpected :


@NDDD I loaded the "Re-New" score, clicked top staff of bar 15, pressed N to enter note input mode, then Esc to exit, no crash. Same if I click the bottom staff instead. Same if I type "C" to enter a note before pressing Esc. Is there any more detail you can give that might help understand the unique properties of your system and thus perhaps be able to reproduce the crash? Any non-default soundfont loaded, etc?

Thank you guys for being so responsive in this issue, but as I mentioned on the title: Random Crash. It just crashed without any particular reason, all I use is default soundfont, default settings, normal input on keyboard not on MIDI or physical instruments, and normal sound driver. As based on what I understand, it's not caused by certain type of action, it rather just how it run through the whole Musescore when an action is taken, and I believe the problem emerged from there, i.e. from the base/core of the software. So as I mentioned previously, updating won't help, and repeating action won't help as well, as it is from the core of the software just can't function well with some deeper settings (if I describe it a simple way).

Another reason to back me up, the software did reported crashed, but it didn't have any log about it, it's either Musescore don't even realize this error/problem, or just there's something more causing it which I can't find out now. This is also mentioned by one of our member up here in this comment section.

But if also my system settings are what you concerned, below are some of my computer details if you can have some clue:
Realtek (default sound driver) / ASIO / ASIO Link Pro - which these three crashed no matter what I choose in Musescore, and I didn't link my Musescore to ASIO, so it should't have any sound at all when playbacked
Opening Ableton in the background, but just for transcribing purpose, with MIDI input, so Musescore definitely not reading my MIDI input
M-Audio Code61 as my MIDI keyboard

Since this doesn't happen on other systems, the logical conclusion here is that the crash is triggered by some other process or resource on your system. Like perhaps something ends up using up all RAM suddenly, or a device driver, and somehow MuseScore is handling this condition. If you ever do figure out what triggers it, do let us know. Like, you could try shutting down other programs one by one and see if the issues with MuseScore go away. If you find the program that is causing the bad interaction, then we can begin an investigation as to what it is doing that we need to handle better.

Otherwise, unfortunately there is probably nothing we can do without some idea how to reproduce the conditions of your system that are leading to the crashes.

I am pretty sure it's not caused by RAM, because I have 12GB RAM and SSD on board (Musescore installed on SSD, and not much applications opening - I constantly monitoring usage). So my only explanation for now is Ableton which caused it to crash, but it just random. I can use both simultaneously without any problem for hours, but it'll crash even with small unrelated actions (pretty sure pressing ESC is not triggering any sound right).

Frequency Once Many
Reproducibility Randomly Always

Crashed when I'm trying to input note A (quaver) on the following bar. Realized when I restarted after the crash, the sound engine/driver restored. I realize it by the note sounds when I typed, but not before crashed.

What happened was, previously I set Musescore to use ASIO driver, but after that I changed it back to MME (default windows driver), but everytime Musescore opened up it ran through ASIO again (ASIO panel showed up even it has been set to MME, meaning it tried to open ASIO driver). So if it didn't change back automatically to MME / stucked on ASIO, it has big chance to crash.

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Frequency Many Once
Reproducibility Always Randomly

You're still all but one, and it still doesn't reproduce reliably for anyone