Editing parts assigned to voice 2 crashes Musescore

• Feb 12, 2021 - 20:55
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S2 - Critical
needs info

If you have two parts on one staff, with one in voice one and the other in voice two, editing the part assigned to voice 2 in the tab for that part crashes Musescore.


Frequency Many Once
Severity S4 - Minor S2 - Critical
Status active needs info

sample score please, right before the crash, and the exact next step to case the crash

Ok, I reproduced it several times before creating the bug report, but now it's just causing weird visual bugs, such as incorrect rhythms in voice 2 after editing it in the parts. All I did was changing the durations in the voice 2 oboe part.

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PartsCrash.mscz 7.06 KB

This score reports being corrupt. so not terribly surprising that leads to issues. So the real question is, how to reproduce the corruption - starting from an as-yet-uncorrupted score, how to get it into this state.

If I fix the corruption (just deleting the content of the first measure oboe parts and entering new notes), I can't get any sort of crash.

The issue is actually writing in the parts is what causes the issue for me. In this score here, in the expanded staves part, the notes display completely differently from the main score. Also, the measure after the one I edit in the parts often gets completely corrupted and I have to remove it.

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CondensingTest3.mscz 16.49 KB

Yes, like I said, once a score is corrupted, lots of bad things can happen. So first step is to fix the corruptions. But then next would be to try to understand how the corruptions happened. If we could get an uncorrupted score and precise steps to recreate the corruption from there, that would enable to start investigating a fix,.

There is already something wrong with the Oboe 1 part in that score. And removing the second instrument from the Oboe 1 part does not seem to have a lasting effect. But you can delete the Oboe 1 part and add it again, and everything seems fine after that.