[Musicxml Export] - Single slash in figured bass not exported

• Feb 21, 2021 - 00:30
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As I'm making examples of the braille music notation manual, I come across a figure with singl slash, thus no number at all. Musescore can display it correctly as my father can see, but when exporting, the figured bass field is empty, just a line break and the close of the tag, no slash suffix given. This should be fixed, and I'll have to go back to my Bach transcription in case there are such missing slashes.

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Can you explain the intended meaning here?

Unfortunately MusicXML has only limited support for figured bass and Roman numeral analysis, this is actually something being worked on right now in the standard committee.

This is an amazing post-Bach innovation, later 18th ct. It is the time-opposite of the continuation dash, and is a neat solution to the very difficult problem of accented bass passing tones, which, without it, get crazy figures. It means "look at the next bass note, and its figure, to know what to play for this (accented bass passing) tone".

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Thank you BSG! Then I'm relieved since it doesn't appear at least in Bach and Handel's scores. But Musicxml does include the slash as a suffix symbol, so it can be suffix alone, I guess.

The MusicXML schema does allow encoding a figured bass element consisting of a slash only (it would be a "figure" element with a child element "suffix" with text "slash"). Unfortunately, the MusicXML description does not state what that would mean, it mentions slashed numbers only. This includes the current status of MusicXML 4.0, which is still in development.

Thus, technically it would be easy to implement this, but compatibility with other applications may not be guaranteed.

Ok, I asked Michael, and he said this is not a regular fb indication, although the suffix can be used. So let's pend this currently.