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I want to learn how to get MuseScore's software to put a multi-rest in the middle of one measure (to indicate that the musician is supposed to rest for multiple measures in a row; for example, rest during "4 measures, or whatever number of measures the music composer wants that instrument to rest (for organ, piano, or any other instrument). Does it have the ability to do this step?


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I appreciate your reply. You understood exactly what I was trying to find. I read that part about creating multi-rest bars, but even then as I tried what you suggested, nothing seemed to happen. I did click in the box to create multi-measure rests, then clicked ok. Still the measure just showed the rest sign to indicate that only one whole measure had the rest sign on all staves (treble, bass and the pedal note staff for organ music, which I am trying to transcribe from an arrangement that my father wrote many years ago). Here is what I tried next. I double-clicked on the treble clef staff of the measure that is supposed to have a rest all through it to highlight it. Next, I held down the shift key on my keyboard of the computer, then clicked once on the bottom bass clef staff to highlight all three staves for the right hand, the left hand and foot pedal parts. With all three staves highlighted, I right-clicked in the middle of them and left clicked on the option to add a measure. The number above each of the whole measure rest signs changed to the number 2. Now I repeated the above steps to highlight all three staves in the empty measure with the number 2 above the multi-rest bar. Then I right-clicked in the middle of the three staves again and clicked the shortcut option to add a measure. The number above the whole rest in the measure changed the count from 2 to 3. Finally, I repeated the previous steps again to increase the count from 3 to 4 in order to show that number in one measure to indicate that the composer wants the instrument part (or organ) to rest for 4 measures. I saved the modification to the file name I chose to call the music. Now I won't lose it. I can continue to transcribe the rest of my father's composition. This is the best music writing software I have ever seen. Thanks for your help.

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Hmm, what you're describing should not be necessary. It really should be as simple as clicking the option. There is no need to highlight anything. What you have to do first *create the measures normally*. If you want a six-measure mmrest just create six measures of rest first, then turn on that option. Normally, though, you wouldn't touch that option until you are done entering all the music.

And note this happens automatically when you generate parts from your score. That is, create you full score normally, and when you go to File / Parts to create the individual parts, the multimeasures will automatically be enabled in the parts.

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So, I tried this too. I followed the page's instructions on how to create the multi-measure rests and I did the longs process highlighting step. Neither are working for me.
Could this possibly be because I'm trying to do this when one part is playing?
I've created a condutor's score for a piece I wrote, and at many points in the piece a part is resting for a long period of time.
I can already create the individual parts, like Violin II by itself, and get multi-measure rests there. What I'm asking is if I can make multi-measure rests while other parts on the same score are not resting. Does that make sense?
Anyway, if you could reply ASAP, that would be lovely.
Anyone know how to do this?? Thanks for all help!

How can I make it so that the multi rest measures matches the instructions given by professor. For example, for my assignment each player parts he wants 5~6 measures per phrase. So if I have 2 measures of notes then I would need to have 4 measures of rest and if I have 10 measure of rests I would have to break them into 5 measures and I am having difficulties doing it on my mac.

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But, normally you should not need to resort to that option measure properties. People don't decide to break multimeasure rests for no reason, it's normally because there is something important happening at those points, like a key or tempo change, a rehearsal mark, a double bar, etc. And MuseScore automatically breaks multimeasure rests at all those place. I would check with your professor then to see the specific marking he is expecting to see at those locations, and add that. If he doens't want a rehearsal mark or anything else so obvious, then normally a double bar would be the thing to add.

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See my reply above. Normally one doesn’t break multimeasures at arbitrary places for no reason - you do it at places that are important in composition and this have rehearsal marks, double bars, tempo changes, or other markings. And in that case the rests real automatically. So just add the double bars etc. and MuseScore will take care of the rest.

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I'm not asking to break multi-measure rests at arbitrary places for no reason. I want to create multi-measure rests the length I want them to be, where I want them, without interfering with the integrity of the rest of the score. That's not "for no reason." I will get some sleep and re-approach this in a bit to see if I can make Mr. JoJo's method work--but with so many menu options (I mean c'mon, you can specify your page margins and staff spacing down to the millimeter), it seems heretical that there isn't a simple one to click and create a multi-measure rest of whichever length you choose. No fuss/no muss. This would be a great option to have in the Tools menu, right under "Respell Pitches," and "Regroup Rhythms." I thought I had figured this out in 2.0 at some point. Maybe it's just sleep deprivation. Thanks to you both for your timely replies.

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The setting in Measure Properties is the simple no fuss way to specify where you want multimeasure rest to break.

But to be clear: I am not suggesting you are doing this for no reason. I am saying that the usual reasons one would want to break rests automatically work already. In particular, if there is a place in the music that makes musical sense to break a rest, that is virtually always a place where it also makes sense to have a double bar, rehearsal mark, or other marking. So you may wish to consider adding the double bar at least. But if you have some special reason not to, then Measure Properties is indeed the way to break the rest. Simple and direct.

I tried to follow the handbook on how to make a 6 bar multi-measure rest. I don't know how to do the Format>Style>Score one, but I managed to press M to make a multi-measure rest. However, when I press M, it doesn't show as a 6 bar rest but 3 bar, one bar of normal rest, and a 2 bar rest. How can I fix that? Thanks.

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