At startup, MuseScore exits to desktop when "initializing sequencer and audio driver"

• Apr 9, 2021 - 18:55
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I'm on v3.62. When I launch, the launcher says "initializing sequencer and audio driver", then exits to desktop.
I tried the following:

  1. Launch with -F: same result
  2. Launch with -s: I can successfully launch, but then all options in I/O are greyed out. I'd like to use Musescore with audio output.
  3. Reboot then install (read it in another ticket): I rebooted, uninstalled, reinstalled, but unfortunately no change.

I get the feeling Musescore is trying to load an audio driver that's not the correct one.
Is there some way I can launch Musescore with an option to pick the correct audio driver myself? Maybe it's selecting a faulty one (I have leftover drivers from devices I no longer use, like the Komplete Audio 6 MK1, which sometimes gets confused with the Komplete Audio 2)


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What OS? Generally speaking, you'll get better results asking for help on the Support where there are many people with system administration experience on various different OS's. Realistically, there isn't much we as developers can do without precise steps to reproduce the problem - meaning, knowing the exact system configuration that leads to this issue.

Hello, I looked into the possibility of getting a debug log, and with the viewer I get the following whenever I try to launch MuseScore 3:
[1688] FT_New_Face failed with index 0 : 1
[1688] FT_New_Face failed with index 0 : 1
[1688] PGAsioDriver::PGAsioDriver

So I still think it has something to do with the Audio there any way to tell MuseScore to not try and initialize anything without me picking what driver to use, but don't disable audio totally?

the -soption is that. But maybe the -a option could help here?

-a | --use-audio driver

Use audio driver: one of jack, alsa, portaudio, pulse

Not sure though which of those is supported on Windows and which is not

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Thank you, I tried this:
When trying with portaudio, the launch freezes for a while, then gives up and exists to desktop..
When I launch with Jack and then try to switch to Port, I can't select any audio devices at all. So I guess Musescore can't see any of my audio drivers, which is really strange. I use a 64bit DAW which can see my audio drivers just fine...?

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Marking this as a regression, since the user only experiences this behaviour with v3.6.2 if I'm not mistaken.

Pretty unlikely that it's a difference between 3.6.1 and 3.6.2 - there were only a few bug fixes that as far as I know should have nothing to do with startup. More like it's the "-F" that fixed it - you probably had some setting causing a conflict that is reset now, and it will probably continue to work with 3.6.2. Which I would highly recommend - as I recall, the bugs in 3.61 that were fixed in 3.6.2 were pretty critical.

I just started having a very similar issue, though in my case MuseScore just hangs on loading and doesn't crash. I'm running Windows 10 as well. MuseScore worked fine until recently, after I installed some new VSTs for use with FL Studio. I'm assuming it's some conflict with one of those, but no idea how to fix it without just uninstalling them all. All other audio applications work without issues. Running with -s does allow me to run MS without playback. -F did not change anything, and -a jack or -a portaudio do not work either.