Can't delete key signatures if at mmrest

• Jul 14, 2021 - 14:15
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S3 - Major

I cannot remove the key signature from part scores.


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Reported version 3.6 3.3

Hmm, 2.3.2 does allow that, 3.5.2 and 3.3.4 do not. So it is not a recent regression for sure

Title a bug with the key signature Can't delete signatures in parts

Another workaround is to apply a C-Major key (no flats or sharps) sig to the part

Which reveals a problem: that applies to that part only, not to other parts of the score, so makes it a local key signature. That part is not a regression though, same in 2.3.2, and trying to prevent this actually might be the reason why it doesn't work anymore in MuseScore 3

Can you explain in more detail - sample score, steps to reproduce? I had no problems removing a key signature in a part in a score I just created - worked fine both at the beginning and mid-score.

I could reproduce with a score of mine, Closed Score SATP + Piano, with a SATB and a Piano part, and with one flat.
And also from scratch, using the attached

Go into one if the parts, select the flat, press Del -> nothing happens

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Title Can't delete signatures in parts Can't delete signatures in parts if mmrest

I can reproduce with this, not my test - the difference seems to be mmrests. And I can delete the key signature in your test if I first disable the mmrest. So, perhaps a duplicate of this #46781: Unable to delete key signature when multi-measure rests are enabled, which is a very old issue? Unless it was at some point fixed then returned, which is certainly possible.

Title Can't delete key signatures if at mmrest Can't delete signatures in parts if mmrest
Status active duplicate

Strange though that it works in 2.3.2?

Title I can fix it by remaking the part score. Can't delete key signatures if at mmrest

That's not really needed, but would solve this too