Text input on Mac via special characters table causes crash

• Sep 5, 2021 - 01:19
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While use of (Fn + F2) symbol box crashes every time you need to jump from syllable to syllable - Not like it was before (Musescore 2.0) It worked perfectly: The symbol box was hanging out as long as it needed _ was allowed to go back and forth - not like now ! impossible to type IPA at all or different than ENGLISH LANGUAGE .
Please advise, someone ?


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You're all but one.
What version of MuseScore exatly, what operating system? What language, what character? Exact steps ro reproduce please.

I know, I’ve used that input panel even more and it worked like Swiss watch mechanism but after update to Mus3.6 I cannot use that for more than 1 syllable- also , no communication between main text line input and IPA box itself : that was the point of complaint! Plus music Typing in this version has many other new issues it didn’t have before: if you type (in C) b and to input “b-flat” … without ,first, pressing “N” , getting cursor off, it’s not possible to do - the toolbox 🧰 is irresponsive…
in previous versions things worked much better

In order for anyone to investigate, we'd need you to attach your specific score and give precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem. That is, tell us which specific text element you are editing, which specific characters you are adding. Because surely thousands of Mac users are successfully using this dialog. Must be some very specific combination triggering the issue.

One thing I do know can be an issue is some relatively new option on macOS that involving popup tooltips that can cause crashes in other applications. See #317323: macOS 10.5 accessibility setting “Enable Hover Text” causes crash and maybe try disabling that option.

Title Text input iron Mac via special characters table causes crash Text input on Mac via special characters table causes crash

Makes sense as that dialog does show tooltips

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Thanks for your interest Sir,
For instance this voice line that needs to be input :
on the top of mostly all "Unicode Boxes" are empty, those remaining don't communicate with a keyboard: you have close/open back and forth for each syllable _
Box itself it not "hanging" on the screen like it was in all previous versions _ - also voice lining is not balanced - touching bar-lines (doesn't jump from syllable to syllable properly )

Can someone continue to plugin the first phrase of Cyrillic further ? See how it works ?

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The boxes in the dialog are empty if the font you are using doesn't support those characters. The dialog shows the full set of possible Unicode characters, but few support them all. You need to find one that supports the specific characters you are using.

Again, if you can come up with precise step-by-step instructions for us to follow in order to reproduce a crash, please let us know. But first do check out the possible solution I provided already (disabling that problematic macOS option).

Is it possible to allow to download additional “older” version of Musescore 2.4 or maybe something different instead, to type lyrics only?! Maybe after lyric is in place just to download back to new Muse 3.2 , 🧐, or to keep them both ?! It’s possible to type symbols through F2 key back and forth all night long and finish it in 3 days - but it’s a torture… really . Maybe to go in touch with Sibelius and ask advise?!
In my previous message I have provided link where the issue is spelled out and it’s shown in different colours : I don’t know what to provide under “precise step by step instructions ” If I’m going to type F+ F2 “жa” +F+F2 +Arrow Left + F+F2 “бо” - I will finish 2 syllables this way - but I still need a dash between those two as well : what about French IPA : sometimes oё with an umlaut on the top required opening of 2 extra Features in the past version - now it’s going to be 4-5 just for one sign?! 😃🤷🏻
I don’t know !

The precise step by step instructions I'd want would be something like this:

1) open the attached score
2) select the first note
3) press Ctrl+L
4) type (some specific thing to type)
5) press F2
6) click (some specific character to click)


Right now, I'm just not understanding the issue. I can't reproduce any crash, and as I said, the missing characters are just a font issue, simply pick a font that works.

BTW, have you tried adding the necessary characters to your own palette rather than always using special characters (simply drag there from special characters)? That wasn't possible in older versions, but is currently.

There’s lots of issues that start after operation 6.) - so what? Well, if I click the only symbol… but so if I don’t need one symbol but few and I typed one wrong by mistake 🧐 (no way to delete the mistake no way to back up or going forward ) What if I need few symbols and under each syllable ?! (Or second line of symbols below the lyric line, for instance) or is I chose Cyrillic box 📦 in “Unicode symbols” 📦 - problem is that there’s no communication : from t is lost and this box doesn’t hang on the score page like it was before.. BTW It’s Not possible to type - a torture !
2.) If you be so kind, (and I don’t know why are you interacting with me, I am addressing this issue to people in charge of this software: developers and watchers) anyhow, since seems like you type a lot … if you could please explain to me like I am a two y.o. baby 👶, what did you mean under “…adding the necessary characters to your own palette…” Suddenly, I felt like this must be it ? To create my own box with Cyrillic and French and IPA symbols ?! Hope you are not mad in any way ! You are also may ignore my response if you wish 🎼

I am one of the developers of the software. So when I say we really need precise steps to reproduce the problem, I know what I am talking about. i have fixed hundreds of bugs over the years, but I've never yet succeeded in fixing a bug I didn't know how to reproduce. If you want this bug fixed, you will need to explain to us exactly how to reproduce it. Otherwise we cannot even begin to investigate it.

To add a symbol from the Special Characters palette to your own palette, just drag it. Like, open your Text palette, or any other palette, or click the Add Palettes" button to create a new one. Then, just as I said, literally just drag a symbol from the Special Characters palette. As in, place your mouse on the character in Special Characters, click and hold, then move your mouse over your own palette, and release the button.