Adding Lyrics in a Different Language in MuseScore3.6.2

• Sep 16, 2021 - 16:55

I had been using MuseScore 2 earlier and have now updated to MuseScore 3.6.2. I like the NEW EDITING FEATURES - But there are other bugs in Adding Lyrics. As I type/ write the Lyrics (using Scripts from the Unicode Symbols lists in either Bengali or Devanagiri)
1. I find many characters do not display correctly (With English - it's all OK & Satisfactory)
2. Compound alphabetical shapes (which are very common to these languages) - do not display.

Please suggest - how to achieve this, and Thank you in advance .. Stay Safe Stay Well.

J.B.Rupam [ ]
Assam, INDIA


One change between MuseScore 2 and 3.6 is the font, FreeSerif vs. Edwin. Well possible that the latter is missing those glyphs. But FreeSerif is still part of MuseScore 3, so you can switch to using that, for lyrics odd and even lines

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Thank you so much Jojo ! I wish you safe health.

Your reply helped me focus on the issue, and as I did change the Lyric text style from Edwin to FreeSerif - amazingly it did resolve a few compound alphabets as found in Bengali scripts - but NOT ALL.

e.g: In Bengali scripts to get the letter দ্ধ, I need to press দ + ধ, and they result to = দ্ধ (a compound alphabet) - this is resolved - successfully. But MuseScore does not produce many of such final compound alphabets found in Bengali and/or Debangiri Scripts (Probably I am not so much aware of how to do this):

1) প + ৰ = প্ৰ
2) ন + ধ = ন্ধ
3) ষ + ণ = ষ্ণ
4) স + ব = স্ব
etc. etc - the list is too long.

J.B. Rupam [ ],
Assam, India

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Dear Frfancha
Yes, the Musescore Version 2 was working perfectly OK & fine and had all the lyric editing facilities with ease of entering lyrics in my preferred language (Bengali or Devangana Scripts).

Having said this, further I want to draw attention that in MuseScore3, while the Unicode Symbols window is still open (via the Special Character Key) to enter my alphabets - MuseScore disables typing anything from the laptop key-pads directly. For e.g. I cannot use the "-" key, the 'tab' key, and the "_" key. They are used by MuseScore to allow us to move forward to type the next alphabet or giving space between alphabets.

Hence, to sort out this problem I use to cross out the Pop-up window every time after I finish typing an alphabet and then move to the next alphabet. The process becomes painstakingly tiresome.

Can you please give a remedy or am I doing it wrong.

Rupam JB

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