Lost notes when transferring staff to tabs

• Nov 27, 2021 - 14:27

I am not sure if I spottet an error in your software or if it is only my error. Here is the issue:

Please open the attached mscz Musescore file. It is in standard notation and mandolin tabs side by side.

For turning this to mandolin tabs only, go to Edit>Instruments and uncheck Staff 1.

However, if you now compare the original with the new, you will notice that some of the notes were lost.

Is that an error in the software or just my error?


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If it is, for example, measures 61 and 69 (?), the reason is that you have not requested the display of rests in the TABs. This is why, when there are only two TAB staves, you see empty measures.

To fix this, right-click on the TAB -> Staff/Part Properties -> Advanced Style Properties -> Note values -> Check "Show rests". Your score with rests: 1 With a Little Bit of Luck - My Fair Lady.mscz
EDIT: better like this: 2With a Little Bit of Luck - My Fair Lady.mscz

If it's something else, please be specific about the location and notes involved.

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