Alto Saxophone Pitch Issue

• Sep 9, 2014 - 22:01
S5 - Suggestion
won't fix

2.0 looks and sounds Great! The only problem I've encountered is that the Alto Sax is out of tune by an immediate noticeable amount. especially on Concert C (Saxophone's 2nd space A).


Compared to other instruments within MuyseScore or compared to some external standard? On which notes? Can you attach a score that demonstrates the problem?

@ChurchOrganist : since you are at it, can you please also check note G (upper space, bass clef) of tuba? I think a high harmonic can be heard over the sound of the note. I am not sure if it is an artifact due to ogg compression/decompression or if it due to the sound sample itself.

@ABL I can't hear an artifact in the .SF2 so it must be a product of the Ogg compression, or perhaps the libsndfile bug which currently requires us to attenuate the samples for the .sf3 format.

@nathan it's a feature of the sample - the player who recorded it has bent the note upwards on the attack - a common feature of sax accents - a bit like a pianist would use an acciaccatura a semitone below the note to accent it.

To rectify this I will need to find or record a good alto sax player - I might know just the guy :)

Status (old) active won't fix

There is nothing to be done about this in the current alto sax preset.

See my notes about the player bending the note in #5