Difference between CODA symbol and "To CODA"

• Dec 29, 2021 - 19:13

OK, so I have been exploring how to use repeats and jumps. I watched some video clips about it, and all the clips explain the following the same way. Here is a screenshot (and MuseScore file is attached}


I want to play measures 1 - 8. THEN, I want to jump back to measure 2, repeat to the "CODA symbol" above Measure 5, and when the song reaches it, jump to the 2nd CODA symbol at measure 9. ALL the clips I saw and read about, state that I can use a CODA symbol for the 1st CODA point, then jump to the 2nd CODA symbol. Unfortunately, the MuseScore player does not do that. It jumps OK from the DS al CODA note on measure 8, goes back to measure 2, but when it hits the 1st CODA symbol, it ignores it and plays right through to measures 5, 6, etc. Try it and see.

If however, I use the term, "To CODA" for the 1st CODA symbol, everything works as I want it. Here is a screenshot of it (and the actual file attached):


It appears that the MuseScore mixer ignores the 1st CODA point if it is a symbol, but acts on it if it is "To CODA". Is that correct? If so, why? The explanations I read claim symbols can be used for both CODA marks. If not, and I did something wrong, what did I do wrong?
Thanks as always in advance.

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Here how I do (I'm French) : Ségno is correct-DS al Coda is correct - The 1st Coda is not correct, you must use TO CODA - The second Coda is correct
Me, I like to have with the DS, the picture of the Ségno : I take it in the palett (look my picture)
Also I like to have the picture of CODA at the place of TO CODA . Idem, I take it in the Palett.
And you can make invisible (with V) what you want ( I do it for the "To Coda")

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Thanks. Using the "To CODA" command works fine, but I was surprised that using the CODA symbol itself was not working, since the videos I eatched on YouTube about Repeats and Jumps, all used two CODA symbols, rather than "To CODA" and the 2nd CODA symbol.

Thanks for the clarification.


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Here's a link to an easy to understand video on repeats:

Go to time 7:19 and watch the explanation. She uses the CODA symbol for both jump from and jump to.

I am fine with using the "To CODA" command in all my music. No real need to use the symbol twice.

In finishing up a song, I encountered a new question regarding repeats. Can I use DS al CODA in two different places in a song, so that the first use jumps to a Segno in say, measure 20, but when I insert it a 2nd time in a different spot in the score, it jumps to a segno in say measure 60? IN other words, can I tell the score the measure # of the segno I want the command to use?

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If I understand, I CAN use two segno marks and two DS al CODA commands in MuseScore. All I have to do is label the 1st Segno mark "Segno1", and the 2nd one "Segno2" in the Inspector, then make sure the two DS al CODA commands direct to the correct Segno. Ditto with the two "To CODA" commands, and two CODA marks. Is that correct? If so, that's great!

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Using the coda symbol for both "jump from here" and "jump to here" was an older practice but is less used in modern scores (to avoid confusion on which of both meanings are intended).

If you for some reason wish to recreate this notation, with functioning playback in MuseScore the trick is to first add the "correct/modern" symbols to make playback work. Then you can double click the "To Coda" marking into text edit mode and use the special characters (F2) window to insert the Coda Symbol instead.

Note that the palette also contains a "To " text, which might be hidden behind the "more" button of the repeats palette.

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I don't think MuseScore has ever worked that way, so I'm surprised any MuseScore-specific tutorials would make that mistake.

But it is true that a few editors - mostly of jazz fakebooks - will use the coda sign alone in place of the To Coda. It's not something I recommend as it can cause confusion, but if you're trying to reproduce the look of one of these editions, you can add the To Coda then edit the text as described previously.

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Sorry if I confused you but the videos I was watching were not MuseScore specific. They were general discussions of repeats and jumps, which I never learned (all my music knowledge is purely self-taught). I am surprised that I watched 3 videos, and all 3 used CODA symbols for BOTH jump from, and jump to. However, I have no problem at all using "To CODA" for jump to.

Separately, please note my post just now to JM6stringer about using a segno twice! Thanks

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That's definitely a problem with learning from random YouTube videos - lots of good info, but not all of it is necessarily correct, some may be conflicting, etc. I would say use of the coda sign to mean "to coda" is kind of like slang. Most people can figure out what it means, but best to learn notation from a more "official" source, like a textbook etc.

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