change placement of keychange

• Mar 23, 2022 - 15:47

I want to make a keychange from a-major to a-minor and have that placed at the beginning of measure 34 on the page. Right now it is displayed at the end of measure 33.
How do i change that?

thanks in advance / Tobias

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This is correct according to the rule of notation, and necessary in order for anyone to notice the change. Any change at the beginning of a system needs to be pre-announced at the end of the previous system. That's what the "courtesy" key signature represents.

Also: Of course it's possible to deactivate "show courtesy" inside the inspector. But because of, that it doesn't exist a key signature for C-Major/A-Minor displayed with naturals signs by default, it's difficult for readers to notice the key change by disabling this option.

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