Crescendos and decrescendos hairpins changed which notes are being affected by them

• Apr 13, 2022 - 19:55
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Overnight practically all crescendos and decrescendos have been shortened or elongated by, depending on the case, one figure or more, and that includes whole beat silences; causing that certain crescendos and decrescendos are overlapping because the notes they were affecting augmented, and that´s only concerning the full score, because if you dig into the part´s score some decrescendos no longer exist for some reason.
Maybe the only ones not affected by this bug are the ones delimitated by dynamics in both sides. I´ll be putting various examples because this is truly incredible and something that will take hours of work to correct.
Please don´t mind the other issues in the trombone 2 part, such as the repeated rehearsal numbers, which are also driving me crazy too.


I´ve placed some of the crescendos correctly of bar 72, but there remains some of the hot points such as between bars 108-116, bar 125, 143-148, 154-157, 171-177, etc.

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That score is corrupt:
Measure 52, Staff 28 incomplete. Expected: 6/8; Found: 0/1
With corrupt scores anything can happen, so fix that corruption first, see How to fix a score that contains corruptions

Other than that I don't see anything wrong with hairpins at measure 72 or 125. At 108-116, you entered tham overlapping apparently, same for 143-148, 154-157 and 171-177

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Thank you for your fast reply, I´ve repaired that corruption thing now. I was refering to the crescendo hairpins from bar 124 which are now affecting the whole beat silences of bar 125, and even surpassing the mf markings, but I don´t think there would be any shortcut for fixing this. In bar 72 happened the same but I´ve already changed them, and the other issues... well, I think some of them will have something to do with the maneuvering of the hairpins manually, but surely not all of them.
Thank you for your reply.

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I´m afraid I can´t give any precise instructions for recreating this issue, it has only happened once, and before the corruption happened (or at least that the program reported it). The report came when I upgraded to the latest version of musescore as it is referred in the how to report a bug post, and I did that after I noticed the problem with the hairpins.
Seeing that the problem involves crescendo and decrescendo hairpins to change the figures they affect by a relatively regular amount probably tells that has something to do with the corruption, which is now corrected, but the problem remains the same.